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A Pancake Tour of Westfield London

OMG it is pancake daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay next weeeeeeek! Which, let’s be honest, has got me happier than Tom from McFly’s son in this video.

As a pre-pancake day TREAT, me and my chum Nicky were invited down to Westfield London to sample a smattering of what there is on offer in the gigantic shopping haven. Our mission, were we to accept it, was to eat pancakes at three different restaurants.

We accepted it.

Starting at Balans Soho Society, we settled down for our first stop of the day.



Now, I confess. I’m pretty dull when it comes to pancakes. A sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice does me juuuuust fine. I have never ordered pancakes in a restaurant because at brunch I’m always too wooed by the eggs. Oh you eggs. You are rascals.

I feel like my feelings have changed though after the pancakes at Balans Soho Society. MY GOD WHY DID I EVER DOUBT THAT BACON AND MAPLE SYRUP WOULDN’T WORK?! Two massive pillowy American-style pancakes were set down in front of me, with a stack of crisp, salty bacon and lashings of sticky syrup. It was almost illegally good.



We also sampled their other breakfast offering, which is the same pancakes and syrup but with berries instead, if you’re trying to be slightly more 5-a-day conscious (but like, nah bacon though).


After that, we were presented with the PANCAKE DAY SPECIALS! Crepes Suzette with Grand Marnier and another plate heaving with crepes covered with bananas caramelised in rum and toffee sauce. I KNOW RIGHT!

IMG_6060 IMG_6061

Stomachs groaning (and brains sliiightly concerned about how we were going to make it through two more pancake points) we stretched our legs a bit with a spot of shopping before calling into Crepe Affaire for our next helping. Located in the ‘food court’ type bit of Westfield London, it’s a much more casual eaterie, perfect for just calling into for a light spot of lunch. I was also DELIGHTED to see such a cool range of savoury options on the menu.


Goats cheese and apple, smoked salmon and cream cheese, chicken tarragon- I could go on. Also as the name would suggest, these are CREPES not AMERICAN PANCAKES so much lighter. We opted for a classic ham and cheese and a Feta and Hummus which came stuffed with hunks of salty feta, juicy tomato, chickpeas, olives, red onion, hummus, harissa & parsley.


AND THEY WERE BOTH EXCELLENT. We hoovered them up in about five minutes. Yes, even after the four plates we’d just had at Balans Soho Society. C’mon, we’re both out of work actors. We gotta take food where we can get it.


Last but not least on our culinary day of dreams, we called into Bill’s. We had The breakfast pancakes which were blueberry buttermilk pancakes with bananas and strawberries, AND the teatime option of hot buttermilk pancakes with yoghurt ice-cream and chocolate sauce.


Now BILL’S I LOVE YOU AND PLZ DON’T BE MAD HUN…but we were a bit disappointed with the offerings here. The breakfast option of blueberry buttermilk pancakes with bananas and strawberries were fine…but just not as hunky as the ones at Balans. The teatime option of hot buttermilk pancakes with yoghurt ice-cream and chocolate sauce were sadly just not for me. The chocolate sauce tasted super cheap (a bit like the one from the ice-cream factory at Pizza Hut? So like, seven-year-old me was like HOLLAAAAAAAAA) and the ice cream, though actually pleasantly tangy, make the pancakes lose their heat in like 2 seconds. BILL’S I STILL HEART YOU THOUGH BOO YOUR BBQ RIBS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BAE.

There’s a TONNE of pancake options at Westfield London available for the big day (Tuesday 9th of Feb to save you getting your diary out) so if you’re umming and ahhing about where to go, hot foot it down to Shepherd’s Bush! Balans Soho Society would be my top pick. Though tbf I’ve probably had my fair share of pancakes for one year.



We were guests of Westfield London (thank you!) but all opinions and views are my own, I promise. Brownies honour.  


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