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Aperol Spritz

WELL HELLOOOOO my little chickadees!

Apologies for the silence over here at BHB, I have been up to my TITS in work and gigs and shows and teaching (and holidaying in Cornwall, oh wait, sorry about me) so expect a FLURRY of posts as I update my little corner of the www with what I’ve been up to.

Obviously the weather has just turned (my god my nipples nearly fell off today when I went outside) and we are on the CUSP of the festive season (that’s right we’re not QUITE there yet Mr Next-Door-But-One who’s already got all his lights up) which for me means mug after mug of hot, mulled beverages.

However I decided to have one last nod to warmer days before succumbing to hot toddy season, so whipped up a couple of Aperol Spritz to sup before dinner. Created in 1919, Aperol Spritz has become Italy’s favourite aperitvo (that means pre-dinner lash for you and me). Don’t be put off by the slightly Irn-Bru-esque colour, for the perfect serve of this is like glugging down a naughty orange who got drunk on prosecco.

Aperol side view

Also, what’s great is that it’s stupidly easy to make. I love cocktails but I always just find it a BIT OF A FAFF to do at home, which is why I end up just thinking ‘Bugger it, I’ll just have a gin and tonic’ but not with these sunshiney beverages!

So here’s how to make yo own perfect serve of Italy’s fave!

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

You will need:

1 large balloon glass or tumbler



Soda Water


Fresh Orange slices

Aperol front view


  • Fill your glass with ice cubes and add a slice of fresh orange.
  • Pour in 3 parts prosecco.
  • Pour in 2 parts Aperol (Two turns round the glass with the bottle!).
  • Add a dash of soda water.

That’s literally it! No messy ingredients, no mixing, or muddling or squeezing or tossing (oo-er) just simple pouring and drinking. YOU ARE WELCOME!

Right gotta go, my glass is EMPTY and imma treat myself to an APERITIVO before my dinner. Because even beans on toast is fancy with an Aperitivo.


This post is in association with Aperol but all opinions, words and images are my own, scouts honour. 

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