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November 2015

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A Night at the English National Opera

I go to the theatre a lot. I see plays, musicals, ballet, gigs, cabarets, concerts and comedy. But something I very rarely do is go to the OPERA. It’s an art form I’ve never massively connected with, and if I’m brutally honest, one I’m slightly intimidated by. I get nervous that I won’t know what the chuff is going on, that I’ll get a numb bum from the sheer length of it, and that perhaps it’s just a bit too posh for me. But I am always game to try  ...

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The King of Soho Gin

I swear to god, if someone clicked on the homepage for this ‘ere blog, they’d probably think it was sponsored by Bacchus GOD OF BOOZE. And that’s fine with me!!!!!!!!!!!! I make no secret of the fact that I like gin. Like, I really, really like gin. And I really, really, really like discovering new gin brands. So I was TICKLED PINK with excitement to receive an invite from The King of Soho Gin company to pop down to Mele e Pere in Soho to taste and coo over a range of gin  ...

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Aperol Spritz

WELL HELLOOOOO my little chickadees! Apologies for the silence over here at BHB, I have been up to my┬áTITS in work and gigs and shows and teaching (and holidaying in Cornwall, oh wait, sorry about me) so expect a FLURRY of posts as I update my little corner of the www with what I’ve been up to. Obviously the weather has just turned (my god my nipples nearly fell off today when I went outside) and we are on the CUSP of the festive season (that’s right we’re not QUITE there  ...

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Friday Feeling!

OOH HELLO! It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, hasn’t it!? Well so much is going on that I just thought it would be lovely to share some good things from over the last couple of weeks! Here’s what’s been making the last fortnight a wonderful sunny place to live! New Website I have a SPANGLY NEW WEBSITE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s for all my professional writing, teaching and performing work and I’m super happy with how it looks! I hope  ...

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