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October 2015


Things you will only know if you’re a blogger

The importance of a perfect flat lay. And how it feels to nearly fall off a chair when you’re standing on it, trying to photograph the perfect flat lay. EFFORTLESSLY CHIC. Instagram filters?! HAHAHAHAHA VSCO Cam mate. Why fresh flowers (probably peonies), candles, copper homeware, rose gold jewellery and mini cacti are all essential items. How to politely decline the most bizarre PR requests. Would I like to review a book about erections? UM NAH I’M K THANKS. (True story. In  ...

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Miss Saigon with TodayTix

Spending all my time underneath the arches in a fringe theatre venue at the moment (p.s the show is getting GREAT reviews come see us k thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!) it was exceptionally lovely to get the opportunity to venture out once again into the West End for a night of big budget theatre. I stepped blinking out of rehearsals at The Union Theatre  and wandered over the river, into the hustle and bustle of Soho. And lemme just tell ya, as I sauntered past G.A.Y the happiest song in the world,  ...

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