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Sushi, Burgers, and Smoothies

Recently, I’ve had the UTTER PLEASURE of attending a few little foodie events, which I thought I would share with you in one triple decker post, full of deliciousness and joy. Because you know, it’s Friday and I know you’re thinking about lunch already.

For starters, I popped into Sushi Surprise for a little sushi demonstration from the masters at work there.

Sushi surprise

Located sorta slap bang between Old Street and Shoreditch, this is takeaway sushi like I’ve never tasted. Like yeahyeahyeah Wasabi and Itsu blah blah blah, this is the real deal. Along with the team from Yelp as part of their month long food-fest ‘YelpToberFeast’, we watched in awe as the team created row upon row of the most delicate, beautiful sushi. And then we ate it.  I mean there was a fish called ‘Butterfish’. You can imagine how that tasted. YEP.

salmon sushi sushi platter

Because I was too busy lusting after it I can’t actually remember what was in our lunchtime feast. There was a smoked tuna, some spicy salmon, a tempura prawn roll- but in fact it was all stunning. If you’re strolling past them at a lunchtime, I would HIGHLY recommend popping in for some of their wares.

IMG_4181 IMG_4182 IMG_4184

A few days later, still mourning THAT BUTTERFISH THO, I shimmied along to Shake Shack in Covent Garden. You might remember I visited the Stratford branch to fully sample the menu, but this time was for a SPECIAL OCCASION. For one day only, Michelin starred chef Sat Bains was in residence, making 500 ‘Major Oak Burgers’. And my oh my. WHATTA BURGER.

I'm fully aware of how ridiculous my phone case is don't worry #legend

I’m fully aware of how ridiculous my phone case is don’t worry #legend

major oak burger

Inspired by the famous Oak Tree in the heart of Sherwood Forest, this badboy was made with Shake Shack’s custom-blend Aberdeen Angus beef patty and topped with fresh shallots, a slice of creamy blue Beauvale cheese from Nottinghamshire’s Cropwell Bishop Creamery and a touch of pine from the needles of local coniferous trees. WHO KNEW TREES TASTED THAT GOOD? Bains also created a special forest-inspired ketchup made of seasonal “Penny Bun” mushrooms, as well as a smoked mayo with a hint of charcoal from Sherwood Forest’s red oaks. I know, my life is horrible sometimes.

Shakeshack flatlay
My pal James and I munched away in the early Autumn sunshine, people watching and catching up about all our upcoming creative projects. Oh, and taking surreptitious snaps of Heston. Which I’m sure he just LOVED.

So good to catch up with you mate, we should do it again sometime x

So good to catch up with you Heston mate, we should do it again sometime. LOL JK I DON’T KNOW HIM.

After such a feast I was feeling the need for something vaguely healthy, so spent a Saturday morning at the INCREDIBLE Innocent Smoothie offices (seriously. These offices are just SOMMINK ELSE. If you want a proper nosy round, go here for a virtual tour.) for their Annual AGM (A Grown-Up Meeting).

IMG_4228 innocent van

The whole day was to give press and loyal customers a taste of the Innocent brand, to find out what they stand for, where the business has grown from and where it’s going. After a hilarious and decidedly honest talk from the company’s founders, we learned that the whole Innocent brand was built after three lads suffering dire hangovers wished they had a quick, easy way of getting some goodness into their bodies. AND INNOCENT WAS BORN. The entire brand just teems with a whimsical, mischievous sense of humour, and it’s evident everywhere- from their social media accounts, to the cheerful messages on the base of their smoothie bottles, to the signs in the office loo.

IMG_4239 innocent slogan innocent signpost
Charlie and I were thrilled to see that the hallowed BANANA PHONE is a real thing:

banana phone

The huge crates of mini hats for the Big Knit campaign:

innocent big knit hats

But perhaps most excitedly of all, there was a mango signed by Bonnie Tyler. Because of course there was. WHY WOULDN’T THERE BE?!

We had such a fun morning taking part in taste tests and ‘The Great British Blend-Off’ where teams were challenged to blend and market a new smoothie, and perhaps best of all, we got a huge swag bag FILLED with bottles of the delicious stuff to take away with us!


fruitbowl innocent fridge FullSizeRender
Thank you to Innocent, ShakeShack and Sushi Surprise for having me at all these wonderful events! Cor, AUTUMN’S OFF TO A GOOD START ISN’T IT?!


I was a guest at Sushi Surprise, Shake Shack and Innocent Smoothies but if I hadn’t loved each and every one of them I wouldn’t have written about it!



  1. Claire

    October 31, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    What fun! That innocent event looks fab, and that sushi was perfect. Totes going back for more soon!

  2. Frankie The Mayfairy

    November 2, 2015 at 2:53 pm




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