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Miss Saigon with TodayTix

Spending all my time underneath the arches in a fringe theatre venue at the moment (p.s the show is getting GREAT reviews come see us k thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!) it was exceptionally lovely to get the opportunity to venture out once again into the West End for a night of big budget theatre.

I stepped blinking out of rehearsals at The Union Theatre  and wandered over the river, into the hustle and bustle of Soho. And lemme just tell ya, as I sauntered past G.A.Y the happiest song in the world, a.k.a I Wanna Be The Only One by Eternal feat. Bebe Winans  was blaring out, and I was sorely tempted to strut right in. BUT I DIDN’T because I had a prior engagement at Miss Saigon with TodayTix.


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Previously only available over in the States, TodayTix have just launched here in London. The app allows customers to  book West End theatre tickets in like, 30 seconds FLAT, up to an hour before showtime. It allows you to search by price range, genre and location to make your ticket buying a dreamy, stress-free experience. It’s also the first mobile service to offer lottery services- you can enter the lottery for Kinky Boots (and later this year the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company plays at the Garrick Theatre) for the chance to win reduced price theatre tickets to that night’s performance. SUPER DOOPER.


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I met my pal Katie (who, incidentally is only GETTING HITCHED THIS WEEK!) for a swift pint in Soho, where we bumped into one of my faaaaaavourite lighting designers in all the biz, and we had a quick catch up and gossip before heading inside to a swish little drinks reception. I actually screamed when I saw this was being held in the Julie Andrews Room because YES ALRIGHT I’m a stagey wanker at heart and we wasted no time getting stuck into the free champagne (sorry/not sorry).

I’d used the app to book our tickets, and it really was very quick and easy. And I’m sure when you use it, you won’t do what I did and accidentally book the matinee rather than the evening show. READ CAREFULLY PEOPLE. The tickets were amazing, right slap bang in the middle of stalls, so we settled down to watch the show.


There’s no doubt that Miss Saigon is super popular, and most people I know absolutely adore it. Therefore I know I’m in a HUGE minority here when I say I’m just not a massive fan. I feel like the plot sort of pokes you and prods you at every opportunity, goading you to FEEL AND LOOK AT HOW EMOTIONAL THIS IS. In my humble opinion the plot all progresses too quickly, so Chris and Kim, the two leads are suddenly head over heels within about two minutes of the show starting, before the audience has got a chance to know them and care about them.


Having said that though, the cast is outstanding, (Jon Jon Briones as the ruthless, sleazy Engineer is particularly BRILL) and everything is completly slick and the helicopter does raise the appropriate amount of gasps of delight from the audience. Also, Bruno Poet’s lighting design is SO SEXY. That deep sunset. Phwoar.

It was also very interesting to watch the show in light of the recent refugee crisis, with the scenes of people desperate to leave Saigon for America. Seemed chillingly relevant.

SO YEAH, the show for me is a bit disappointing but if Katie’s reaction is anything to go by, you’ll find it WEEP-TASTIC. Srsly, she wept to the point of snot crying into her champagne. Delish.

Go download TodayTix and TAKE ADVANTAGE of all the West End has to offer. It’s at your fingertips. Literally.


I was a guest of TodayTix and was gifted my tickets in return for an honest review of the app. And believe me it’s COOL.

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  1. Frankie The Mayfairy

    October 6, 2015 at 6:41 am

    Ahhh so love a good ticket app. So many things I want to see theatre wise right now but MONEY and TIME and GETTING A DEAL are conspiring against me…

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