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October 2015

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Sushi, Burgers, and Smoothies

Recently, I’ve had the UTTER PLEASURE of attending a few little foodie events, which I thought I would share with you in one triple decker post, full of deliciousness and joy. Because you know, it’s Friday and I know you’re thinking about lunch already. For starters, I popped into Sushi Surprise for a little sushi demonstration from the masters at work there. Located sorta slap bang between Old Street and Shoreditch, this is takeaway sushi like I’ve never tasted.  ...

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In The Heights at Kings Cross Theatre

UM SO HEY GUESS WHAT GUYS?! IN THE HEIGHTS IS AMAZING. Couple of weeks ago I was invited down to the Kings Cross Theatre to catch the Media Night of In The Heights. I saw this production directed by Luke Sheppard when it opened at Southwark Playhouse last year and I was utterly blown away by the energy, talent and vivaciousness (is that a word? That’s a word now) of the whole thing, so my heart LEAPT when I saw that it was transferring. And my god, it is still insanely good. The theatre has  ...

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Top Five Motown Covers

GUYS GUYS GUYS! After a hugely successful run on Broadway and a US Tour, Motown The Musical is coming to the West End next Spring! Whilst I can sometimes be a leeeeetle bit snobby about Jukebox Musicals (though I swear to god, the day that Cher’s back catalogue is turned into a musical I will claw out the eyes of a thousand bitches to get my hands on a part in that) I am SUPER excited about this one simply because I’m such a massive fan of the soundtrack. SMOKEY, STEVIE AND  ...

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My Anxiety Coping Strategies

HI YOU LOVELY LOT! So, it’s World Mental Health Day today! I think it’s bloody awesome that slowly but surely the taboo surrounding mental health and talking about it is being broken down. The more we talk about our mental health issues, the less scary and unmanageable they will seem so it’s time to open our gobs and shout about what’s going on in our busy brains! When I wrote this piece about my own personal Anxiety Goblin (he’s a real piece of work I tell  ...

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