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This is a restaurant review. I know exactly what you’re thinking. What in the name of tits is a BunnyChow and why would you name a restaurant that. WELL. Never fear my friends, I am here to educate you in the ways of the Bunny.

Bunnychow soho

In laymen’s terms, a ‘bunny’ is not the twitchy-nosed, velvety eared star of Watership Down. No no. Invented in Durban in the 1940s, a ‘bunny’ is a loaf of bread, hollowed out, filled with curry and the ‘lid’ of the bread then placed on top. What is not to like about that?

bunnychow infobunnychow interior bunnchow wall

Couple of weeks ago, those dreamy delights at Zomato invited me down to Bunnychow on Wardour Street with them to create and make my own Bunny. After a long day at rehearsals, I toddled on down to Soho and found a big old cocktail and bowls of spicy pork scratchings (which my god, we practically fought over they were so good) waiting for me. The cocktails at Bunnychow are super cool- there’s four different bases, and you can just add whichever spirit you like to them. I slurped down a Green Mamba, a cucumber, lime, elderflower and juniper berry base with a big tot of gin. Loverly stuff.

bunnychow cocktails bunnychow drinks machine bunnychow drinks bunnychow snacks

After a bit of a mingle with the other foodie bloggers there and a welcome chat from Bunnychow, we headed down into the kitchen to have a go at making our own bunnies. A crash course in Bunny building ensued, with different teams being assigned different jobs, from hollowing out the bread loaves to mincing up the sauce for the curry. HANDS ON.

bunnychow zomato meetup

I got an A in Food Technology so I was already all over this shit

I got an A in Food Technology so I was already all over this shit

chicken pre cooking blender

The loaves are specially made by a local bakery, and come in either granary, white or brioche and are the perfect size for holding a huge dollop of curry. We were challenged to use hunks of the bread to sample the Durban Veggie and the Chakalaka Chicken to see how many ingredients we could identify before we took to the helm and each grabbed a mess tin and began to build those bunnies! I opted for a brioche loaf, which was pillowy and slightly sweet, and rammed it full of Chakalaka Chicken, a tomato based chicken dish sent straight from the gods. Add a dollop of Sambal on the side and sprinkle crushed nachos on top and I was ready to dive face first in. But I didn’t because, you know, I was in public but I attacked it very enthusiastically with cutlery.

bread coriander salad

SLAW. Good word SLAW.

SLAW. Good word SLAW.





Step 3

Step 3

Also on the side, we got friendly with a few side dishes, beeeeeeeeeeeautiful pir-piri lamb ribs, stickey monkey gland wings (which taste way nicer than they sound), spiced South African Samp (a corn based veggie dish) and gorgeously tender mini meatballs. I MEAN I WAS FULL.

bunnychow sides

But magically still had room to try the house dessert. They use the discarded insides of the loaves to make little bread and butter puddings which were thoroughly decadent but so so good. So buttery and packed with raisins and warm and like a hug in your tummy.

bread and butter puddings pudding

I was super surprised at the pricing- every bunny only costs a mere fiver. A FIVER! In Central London! For that much food! Honestly it was so much I had to leave a good half of it. And having seen how it’s all made, it’s good, decent hearty grub and I’d THOROUGHLY recommend if you’re a bit bored of your Pret Hoisin Duck Wrap.

finished bunnychow attack the bunny

Thanks Bunnychow and Zomato for having us, I’ll be back soon to plough my way through the rest of the menu.

CHOW for now!


I was a guest of Bunnychow but as always, if I hadn’t absolutely loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it!

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  1. Charlie

    September 30, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    I’m sorry, a FIVER? You’ve got yourself a deal! Bunnychow is massive in New Zealand apparently, the Kiwis I used to live with bloody loved the stuff.

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      September 30, 2015 at 3:38 pm


      You got bread, good, curry, good, cocktails GOOOOOOOD

  2. jennie

    October 5, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    Five pounds?! Woah, that’s amazing! x

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      October 5, 2015 at 3:10 pm

      I know! Seriously good value!

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