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Taste Cocktails Subscription Kit

There’s a few things in life I just cannot resist. Scotch eggs, Gina G’s ‘Ooh Ahh Just A Little Bit’ and more recently, a subscription box. I love getting a cute, wee present in the post once  month for me, paid for by me. The excitement of not quite knowing what’s gonna be in it and it being totally unneccessary, but you know, often you just have to be cute to yourself and TREAT YOSELF.

You can get all sorts of subscription boxes now, everything from beauty, stationary, knickers, chocolate, tea- you name it, you can probably get it delivered all beautifully packaged up and beautifully presented once a month. And now, DA DA DA DAHHHHH (that was  a fanfare. Couldn’t you tell?) there’s an excellent monthly cocktail box from Taste Cocktails to add to the canon.

Each month, Taste will send you a box full of gorgeous mini Alice-In-Wonderland-esque bottles of beautiful artisan (can we have a new, less wanky word for that please? It makes me do a little mouth sick every time I read it) spirits and other essential items to make banging cocktails at home. Beats downing a bottle of Cherry Lambrini before a night out right?! (n.b- I don’t do that. Anymore.)

taste cocktail kit

The lovely lot at Taste were aware of my absolute lady boner for gin but persuaded me to try something a little different. So, a week later, a gorgeously package (wheyyyy) arrived at my door, containing all the essentials to make mojitos.

taste cocktails bottles

My brother and I spent a giggle and silly Saturday afternoon unpacking and sampling everything. Each pack contains a receipe pack so you know exactly how to make the cocktails, and what additional things you’ll need from your own store cupboard. Before long we were rubbing mint leaves between our hands and sloshing around the soda water to make three different kinds of mojitos which were RUMbelievable.

taste cocktails mojito kit

Whilst I’m not sure I would be swayed into cheating on my deep and committed relationship with gin, I’d definitely have a flirtation with a mojito as a result, though this may have had something to do with the high quality rum that was in these badboys.  Whilst all the different bottles were a little fiddly to keep chopping and changing between, and perhaps the finished product wasn’t QUITE as professional as it could have been (I did not have crushed ice for example. Who has crushed ice at home?!) they were pretty good if I do say so myself and it was certainly loads of fun to whip up the beverages and even more fun to drink them. A monthly subscription is £24 which works out as £4 a drink- so way more purse friendly than a round of the same cocktails in a bar. You can also order a number of boxes as one offs which would make for GREAT gifts.

And you know, Christmas is only round the corner. GO FORTH AND MIX!

taste cocktails mojitos


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