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Ultimate Ears Roll Portable Speaker

Let it never be said that I don’t look after my stuff. I’m STILL using my Generation 3 iPod that I’ve had since 6th form and use a clunky, bleepy, battered, plastic white speaker that looks like R2D2’s baby. I’m not knocking it, that speaker has done me proud, not only providing me with a soundtrack around my house but through Uni, holidays and for some dressing room anthems backstage too. However, I have to say I’m WELL overdue an upgrade, so when the lovely folk from Ultimate Ears asked me if I’d like to try out their new Roll Portable Bluetooth speaker, I said yes please and R2D2 Jr breathed a knackered wheeze of relief.



Now I won’t lie. I struggle sometimes with technology. All this blogging stuff is mere smoke and mirrors (note to self: learn more about how the internet works you BLOODY AMATEUR!) But I gotta say, despite looking all sleek and sexy and with no obviously button that says PRESS HERE FOR POWER I managed to get the speaker on, downloaded the app that goes with it and get my favourite hip urban indie alternative playlist (Cher’s Greatest Hits) blasting out within minutes.

So, firstly, the sound is GREAT. Like, really great especially for something so little, and you can hear it super clear from wherever you are in the room, something to do with it’s domed shape I presume. It’s loud, crisp with a good big bass. BOOM SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOM literally.


The big plus and minus symbols are the volume control. It took me five days to realise that.

The Roll is also waterproof, and UE are keen to stress how perfect for adventure this little gem is, telling the world to “climb a waterfall, go over the same waterfall in your kayak and even start a dance party in the river” whilst using it. I mean, I probably wouldn’t take it in a waterfall (mainly because, you know, I don’t really hang out by waterfalls) but you know, if you spill gin all over it, you’ll be OKAY GUYS. It’s also stain resistant, so you know, do with that what you will. Actually don’t, eurgh that’s gross. Gives a whole new meaning to the ‘waterfall’ reference. HAHAHA SORRY.

SO YEAH you can use the super duper cool app to control from up to 65 feet. THAT’S LOADS! And also I like to pretend I’m a wizard and play with flicking it on and off using my phone like a wand. (Yes I’m still single.)


It’s lightweight too, and comes with a little bungee type cord on it so you can attach it to rucksacks and the like. Also easy to charge up via a USB cable and holds 9 hours of battery life. BiTcHiNg!

Note the handy bungee cord for all your adventuring needs

Note the handy bungee cord for all your adventuring needs

We used this little monster all through our stay at the Edinburgh Fringe and it was SO USEFUL. Even my sound-snobby Dad and music producer brother were really impressed by the sound quality and volume. SO IT MUST BE GOOD!

It’s maybe a little at the end of the pricey spectrum at £99.99, but for such incredible sound and for such a durable and hardwearing (BUT ALSO SEXILY DESIGNED) piece of kit, I reckon it’s worth it.



I was sent the UE Roll Speaker to review, but if it hadn’t have rocked my socks off I wouldn’t have written about it. 



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