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September 2015

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This is a restaurant review. I know exactly what you’re thinking. What in the name of tits is a BunnyChow and why would you name a restaurant that. WELL. Never fear my friends, I am here to educate you in the ways of the Bunny. In laymen’s terms, a ‘bunny’ is not the twitchy-nosed, velvety eared star of Watership Down.┬áNo no. Invented in Durban in the 1940s, a ‘bunny’ is a loaf of bread, hollowed out, filled with curry and the ‘lid’ of the  ...

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Taste Cocktails Subscription Kit

There’s a few things in life I just cannot resist. Scotch eggs, Gina G’s ‘Ooh Ahh Just A Little Bit’ and more recently, a subscription box. I love getting a cute, wee present in the post once ┬ámonth for me, paid for by me. The excitement of not quite knowing what’s gonna be in it and it being totally unneccessary, but you know, often you just have to be cute to yourself and TREAT YOSELF. You can get all sorts of subscription boxes now, everything from beauty,  ...

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Be Cute To Yourself

Few weeks ago I wrote a post about my ongoing battle with anxiety and depression (which, by the way THANKS BABES for responding so well to it. You’re all really fit xxx) and WOAH MAMA my little anxiety goblin has been GOING OFF ON ONE recently. A few comments from folk about my seemingly never-ending single status, my body clock tick-tocking t’wards 30 and not having a ‘back-up’ career combined with a busy work schedule with no real time to myself has left me feeling  ...

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Ultimate Ears Roll Portable Speaker

Let it never be said that I don’t look after my stuff. I’m STILL using my Generation 3 iPod that I’ve had since 6th form and use a clunky, bleepy, battered, plastic white speaker that looks like R2D2’s baby. I’m not knocking it, that speaker has done me proud, not only providing me with a soundtrack around my house but through Uni, holidays and for some dressing room anthems backstage too. However, I have to say I’m WELL overdue an upgrade, so when the  ...

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