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Shake Shack

London does a pretty good burger. Gone are the days are munching a sad, flaccid cheeseburger from Maccy D’s, for now round every corner there seems to be a joint where you can grab a proper slab of quality meat (WHEYYYY), with a variety of toppings and usually wedged between some sort of toasted brioche bun. AND LONDON REJOICED FOR IT WAS GOOD.

Shake Shack has long been on my list of wanton food lust, so when they invited me down to have a butchers at their new branch in Stratford I said no thank you because I am trying to get bikini body ready. HAHA LOL JK I SAID HOLY FUCK YES PLEASE LET ME AT THOSE DELICIOUS BEEF PATTIES.

shake shack stratfordshake shack neon sign

I teamed up with top hun Victoria (who, by the way is fresh from gallivanting round Asia and Australia and made me look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost’s older sister because I’m so white I’m practically transparent CHEERS MATE) and we rocked on down to Westfield to get our burger game on.

shake shack burger menu

And the game was strong. We took a seat and our order was swiftly taken by a cheerful Shake Shacker. If you’re eating in, you can wallow in the table service, but if you’re in a hurry you can order at the counter and DO ONE with a burger in hand quicker than you can say ‘pass the mayo’.  We both ordered a pint of the Shack Ale (because we’re huge lads on tour) which was VERY GOOD as a gentle pale ale goes and awaited our scoff.

shake shack menu

Food arrived SWIFTLY and we chowed down. We both ordered the Smoke Shack burger which was topped with a delicious smokey-sweet sauace and peppers, along with a few rashers of salty bacon. You can get any of the Shack burgers as a double but we didn’t do that because we are not insane. The burgers are the perfect size, enough to fill you up but not so girthy that you’ll be left soaked in meat sweats and feeling like you’re giving birth to a bacon baby.

smoke shack burger

We also both opted for the CHEESE fries which were like McCain crinkle cuts topped with that weirdly delicious plastic American cheese. WHY IS THAT CHEESE SO GOOD? IS IT EVEN CHEESE? WHAT IS IT?

cheese fries

a close up because porn

a close up because porn

Because I lied and we actually are insane, we both ordered pudding. Shake Shack do an odd thing where they call ice cream ‘Frozen Custard’ and I have to say, I was slightly disappointed because attacking a frozen carton of Ambrosia is something I’d actually be really keen to do. Still needs must, and so I made do with the Peanut Butter Concrete which is like a really posh McFlurry. Chocolate ice cream (I refuse to call it custard because I don’t believe in breaking people’s hearts) with hazelnut brownie, peanut butter sauce and chocolate toffee swirled into it. YEAH IT WAS AS BUFF AS IT SOUNDS YOU’RE RIGHT THERE. Vic  opted for the East End Pie Oh My which was vanilla ice cream with chunks of apple pie in it. SWEET. Added bonus- the concrete menu changes every so oft so you can have a different sweet experience everytime you go in.

shake shack logopeanut butter concrete apple pie concrete

Done and dusted and full in 45 mins. Perfect for a quick bite to eat that’s more substantial than a Pret but not as ‘sit-downy’ as a Pizza Express.



I was a guest of Shake Shack but as always had I not been well and truly wooed by the burgers I wouldn’t have written about it!

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