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Friday Feeling!

HOLY MACKEREL IT’S FRIDAY AGAIN! A whole weekend awaits for us to carpe the bloody diem and make terrible decisions and all that proverbial jazz.

SO HEY here’s what has made the last two weeks a lovely sunshiney place to live (despite the vast amounts of rain and thunder- July, u ok hun?)

  • A Cambridge Satchel 
    My Dad was a HUGE HUN and treated me to a proper Cambridge satchel. I have been LUSTING after one of these for god knows how long and when mine arrived in all it’s beaaaautifffulll cornflower blue glory I nearly wept. It’s gorgeous and real leather with solid stitching and buckles and I couldn’t be more in love. I’d probably marry it if I could. I BRENNAN TAKE THEE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL TO BE MY LAWFULLY WEDDED HANDBAG.
    cambridge satchel company blue bag
  • Shake Shack
    Last week I was invited down to have a gander at the new Stratford branch of Shake Shack and sample their wares so I went ate cheese fries and burgers and generally got beach body ready with my pal Victoria. #SAVETHEWHALES. Full review soon!smoke shack burger
  • Cool Rider Album Launch
    The team behind the hugely successful Cool Rider show (aka Grease 2 except they can’t call it Grease 2 for legal reasons yaawwwwn) had their album launch at Guanabara in Covent Garden last week and I was invited down with some pals to the party to wear Hawaiian garlands and bop along to some live performances. Everything started civilised enough until someone said the word ‘Freedom’ and we ended up dancing round a pole and doing shots in the stagiest bar in Soho on a FUCKING MONDAY NIGHT. Got home at 4.30 am yeahhhhh sick mate! Also did that thing where I checked my bank account the next day and I had been really cute and drawn out £50 at 2.30am. So cute of me. What a night of rider
  • Edfringe Planning
    Met with my two best gals to do a spot of Edinburgh Fringe planning and pint drinking. I’m going for two weeks and they’re coming up for three days so those three days are naturally now RAMMED with shows. ROLL ON THE LOLZ AND THE HANGOVERZ.IMG_2409 edfringe planning 1 edfringe planning 2
  • Annie
    My lovely theatre academy that I run back at home had their big show weekend last Saturday and Sunday, performing Annie four times to crowds of proud parents, friends and loved ones. I felt SO PROUD of them I could have burst, but I was a bit busy at the time doing all the lighting and sound and remembering to open the curtains and stuff from the lighting box. I feel like both the quality of the show itself and the skills/confidence of our students has come on SO MUCH since we did Bugsy Malone last year and those 70 kids are one of the things I’m most proud of in life. Proud. If I could say proud more I would. I’M PROUD. (Also heyyyyy be a hun and follow us on twitter here.)IMG_2469 IMG_2321
  • Turf and Surf with Debenhams
    Went to a little press event at Debenhams HQ to launch a range of beautiful shoes. After cooing at the beauteous foot bounty being displayed on inflatable flamingos (because of course) Katy, Ash and I dove straight in for manicures from the Essie Team and made the most of the copious amounts of prosecco, mojitos and Pimms that were being forced upon us. HONEST MUM THEY MADE US DRINK IT. Oh and this BANGING salted caramel ice-cream. Press events are fun as fuck.judes ice cream cali sun shoe launch debenhams turf and surf event IMG_2459essie nails
  • The Spitfire Grill
    The Show I’m in has officially OPENED! We had our preview last night and it’s press night tonight (gnaws fingernails off in anticipation. Omg any press people coming pleeeease be cute to us and don’t call us the ‘Shitfire Grill’ if you think it sucks thaaaanks). The show is GORGEOUS, it’s so intimate and I fall more and more in love with the music every single day. We run until the 15th August so hey, BE A BABE and come see us! Then, we can have a huge gin in the bar afterwards. GREAT PLAN. Click here for tickets! AND CHECK OUT OUR SPANGLY TRAILER!
  • The RocketVan Book Swap cart
    Just outside our theatre underneath the railway arches is a little library cart. On it, folks are encouraged to leave, swap and pick up books. ALL FOR FREE. Just to pass on stories. How awesome is that? It’s like a lucky dip everyday, so far I’ve picked up some plays, a couple of vintage orange Penguin classics and a book about language (cos I’m super cool like that.) and in return left some paperbacks that were gathering dust on my already heaving bookshelves. SHARE STORIES!book swap cart
  • The Anxious Goblin post
    So, for the first time ever on this ‘ere blog I wrote about my experiences with anxiety and depression. And the response was overwhelmingly positive. So many people took the time to get in touch and say HEY YEAH ME TOO and share the post and it felt like warm hugs appearing from all over the internet. SEE THE INTERNET ISN’T ALWAYS FULL OF TROLLS! So if you clicked/read/shared/messaged/emailed/commented/liked it- just THANK YOU a thousand times over. My goblin was well and truly twatted round the head with all your love. Let’s talk about this shit man, it’s the only way.

  • This picture of Tom Selleck
    I don’t even know if it’s real. I don’t even care. But I know I’m never going to find anything else attractive ever again now I’ve seen it. Sorry brb too busy swooning over that MAJESTIC GLITTERING CHEST HAIR (MACHESTIC).IMG_2303



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  1. Frankie The Mayfairy

    July 24, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    Where are Tom Selleck’s nipples?


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