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Friday Feeling!

WHAT UP. You good? Yeah? I’m good.

Let’s do this feel-good Friday thing, s’been a while.

GOOD SHIT from the last few weeks y’all.

  • Started rehearsals for MY NEW JOB
    That’s right folks, I landed me a cute Summer job in a gorgeous little fringe musical at the Union Theatre, The Spitfire Grill. We’ve learned all the music (which is BEAUT BY THE WAY), began blocking the show, discovering who the characters are. Oh, and we also found time to drink on a roof terrace overlooking the Shard too. Anything in the name of cast bonding of course. If you fancy coming to see us, follow THIS LINK for tickets! We run at the Union which is a hop, skip and a jump from Waterloo/Southwark/Blackfriars/London Bridge from the 23rd July-15th August. BE A BABE and we’ll have a gin afterwards! (Oh and also give us a little follow on twitter!)

spitfire grill poster Union Theatre and cafe Spitfire Grill cast

  • Twelfth Night at The Actor’s Church
    These lovely hazy hot summer evenings are nice aren’t they? (ALSO HOW SEXY WAS THAT MASSIVE STORM WE HAD!?) I spent one particularly glorious one in the grounds of St Paul’s in Covent Garden drinking in a beautifully twinkly and fizzy production of Twelfth Night, the latest offering from Iris Theatre. The cast lead the audience around the grounds and into the church whilst they entertained us with shipwreck, cross-dressing and cross-garters, mistaken identity and music being the food of love. My pal Henry Wyrley-Birch was on PARTICULARLY GOOD FORM as Sir Andrew Aguecheek, but the entire cast was bloody great. Sometimes, you know, I love it when theatre doesn’t try to be too ‘clever’ but focuses on telling the audience the story clearly and endearingly. STORYTELLING YO. It runs until the 24th so if another balmy evening strikes, get thee down there POST HASTE!

Twelfth Night Iris Theatre

  • London Pride
    SO MANY BEAUTIFUL RAINBOWS EVER. FEEL DAT PRIDE. London, you made me feel all warm, sparkly and fuzzy. Keep it up.

London Pride

  • A day at the Jean-Christophe Novelli Academy
    I’m finding a whole host of various freelance work coming my way at the moment. One such job came in the form of being the event photographer at a corporate event at the Novelli Academy. APPARENTLY I DO THAT NOW! I went to the cookery school, a gorgeous 14th Century farmhouse situated in the countryside of Bedfordshire to snap away whilst Novelli taught the award winners from this company how to make pasta, gnocci, omlette (trickier than you’d think), white fish, focaccia, tarte tatin and a fresh tomato sauce. And there was champagne. And then a BEAUTIFUL three-course lunch cooked by the man himself. Yeah I mean, I’ve had worse jobs.

Novelli Academy

novelli academy lunch

Main course at the lunch- A seafood medley with roasted wild garlic, served in a puff pastry baked scallop shell. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Vocal workshops at the BFI
    On Thursday last week I went along to run some sessions for the award-winners at the huge Young Enterprise finals at the BFI in vocal technique and public speaking skills. I DO THAT NOW TOO. It was awesome, all the students that participated were lovely and engaged in what I was teaching them, and  SO GOSH DARN POLITE! Three lads got the giggles during some breathing exercises and actually made the effort to find me afterwards to apologise for being giggly. How nice is that!?
young enterprise awards

a lanyard means you are well important

  • The Cox-Murphy Wedding
    Two of my gorgeous pals Hannah and Martin tied the knot on Saturday and it was just beaut. I had to teach all day so missed the ceremony (WEEP) but rocked up for the reception, held at the stunning Fable Bar in Farringdon (it’s all book themed and I need to move in immediately). I belted out a few numbers for them and then proceeded to drink my head off and dance until my feet said FFS SIT DOWN WALTZING MATILDA all in the company of happy, drunken old friends. WONDERFUL.
Could they be any cooler?

Could they be any cooler?

Apparently I found something was funny

Apparently I found something was funny

  • Spartapus
    One of my dearest chums, Alex invited us over for one of her famous Sunday Roasts (srsly tho come 2 mumma) so that we could meet her newly adopted mog. AND OH WHAT A FELINE. He’s a big, black, three-legged Tom with a missing ear and he is called…SPARTAPUS. What a king of cats.

his Dad was a panther

  • Musical Bingo
    Met a beautiful bevy of fellow blogger gals for a night out at Concrete for Musical Bingo‘s eighth birthday. It’s literally bingo, but with songs and a live DJ plus games, prizes, dancing and glow sticks. It was both messy and fabulous. And we got free prosecco because Erica brought the organisers doughnuts. WINNING.

musical bingo

  • First Aid Trained
    YES I AM OFFICIALLY FIRST AID TRAINED. Feel free to keel over or have nosebleeds or whatever in my presence and I WILL HEAL YOU. Though, it was a tough course to get through, mainly due to these NOT AT ALL CREEPY CPR MANNEQUINS. Ffs.
First aid mannequins


  • Elodie
    The gorgeous Ami, who I run my theatre academy with had her first baby. AND SHE’S AWESOME. Her name is Elodie (how gorgeous is that?!) and I cannot WAIT to teach her how to sing and be silly. OH MY HEART!

elodie IMG_2075

  • My mates
    Just that they’re fucking brilliant. I was a bit blue this week and they rushed to my aid with beer and hugs and the kindest words and happy things in the post. They’re just wicked and I love you all. LIKE A LOT.
you're awesome


HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE! What’s everyone up to? I’m going to be locked inside a lighting box at our local theatre doing the tech and dress weekend for our Academy’s production of Annie which is on next weekend (GAHHHH!).



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