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Star for a Day Competition!

Hotel Direct have launched a theatre centred competition for bloggers, asking them to create a day of London excitment based around a West End Show! WHAT FUN! The winner will get their itinerary brought to life courtesy of Hotel Direct which sounds like a JOLLY GOOD IDEA TO ME!

Being a huge Roald Dahl nut ever since I was a wee nugget of a human, I chose Matilda as my character of choice, because she’s a feminist icon, super intelligent and incredibly kind of heart. And she loves books which makes her SUPER COOL.


I’d start the day in homage to Matilda’s love of books and her safe haven of her local library by taking a spin around the British Library, gazing at their epic collections of tomes, taking in their latest exhibition and diving into the excellent gift shop for some volumes of my own to take home!

Before settling down to watch the show in the evening, I’d jaunt down to the Podium restaurant in the Hilton on Park Lane to indulge in their inventive ‘Confessions Of A Chocoholic’ Afternoon Tea, which gives Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake a run for its money- obviously we’d be free to enjoy it without the Trunchbull breathing down our necks, unlike POOR OLD BRUCE!

After watching Matilda triumph over her HORRIBLE family and The Dreaded Trunchbull in Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre, I’d swing by Circus Bar in Covent Garden to sip some cocktails and watch some nail-biting circus acts, just like the ones in Matilda’s own ‘Acrobat and Escapologist’ story.

Wouldn’t THAT be a day to remember!



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