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East London Liquor Company



Literally I love Mother’s Ruin in any form it comes, and me and my tastebuds (though not so much my liver) are thrilled with the huge BOOM it’s had in recent years, with independent distilleries popping up all over the shop. A couple of weeks ago the lovely folk at Zomato and Fever Tree invited a bevy of gin-loving blogger types over to the East London Liquor Company to sample the blends they distill on site.

east london sign

Located just on the outskirts of Victoria Park in an old glue factory in Bow Wharf, the East London Liquor Company (omg the amount of times I have misspelled ‘liquor’ ARGH I JUST DID IT AGAIN AND HAD TO CORRECT IT WHAT THE F) is all exposed brickwork, beat up copper detailing and big rustic wooden tables. Behind the bar, you can glimpse the distillers through big windows- they blend all their wares there on site, so you can see it being made, and then you can drink it.  Although gin is their number one hun, they also knock up a mean rum and a vodka too.

east london liquor company

Upon arrival I had a house gin and tonic thrust into my hand which I necked in about two seconds because my god, it was a warm day and I was in need of refreshment. Once we’d glugged those down, we all sat down to have a chat with Handsome Luke from Fever Tree about TONIC. He explained how Fever Tree is made as a quality mixer, with real thought and care about how they blend their various different tonics. Their ethos is simple- if you’re spending money on a decent gin, why would you ruin it by sloshing in a mediocre tonic?

zomato gin meet up

Fever Tree is actually named so due to the healing properties in quinine. Which obviously I took to mean that GIN AND TONIC IS REALLY GOOD FOR YOU SO DRINK IT LOADS OKAY. Also, did you know that good quinine glows under UV light?! That’s mental! I remember being in Berlin in an achingly cool bar (which I was LEGIT not cool/pierced/tattooed enough to be in) and being mesmirised by my glowing gin. AND NOW I KNOW!

tonic taste test

After another round was bestowed on us, we munched down on some delicious CHEESE AND MEAT and then scuttled into the back to get up close and personal with the distillers. Alex, one of the company founders explained the process and the love and care which goes into blending each different batch. They strive to make a great product at a reasonable price- and to be fair a bottle of their No 1 Batch sells at £18 which is JOLLY reasonable for a craft gin in my opinion.

cheese plate meat plate distiller

Feeling slightly giddy from all the shots that had been passed round through Alex’s chat, we took a quick glance into the shop that’s attached to the bar which sells a spectacular array of craft spirits, each one hand selected by the team. I COULD SPEND SOME DOLLAR IN THERE I TELL YA.

east london botte store bottle storeeast london gin


Once we’d learned all about the products we then strapped in to really sample each one. And I wish I could tell you more about them but things seemed to go a bit, ahem, blurry after that for some reason. At one point we all had four drinks on the go at once. I MEAN LIKE WOAH. But I CAN tell you that each one was utterly delicious, and thoughtfully served with interesting and unusual garnishes to bring out the botanicals in each different batch.

spirits east london liquor box

So LET IT BE KNOWN I can thoroughly recommend the East London Liquor Company (I JUST SPELLED IT WRONG AGAIN FFS ‘LIQUOR’ YOU ARE MY VOLDEMORT) to either swing by for a glass of the cold stuff or to pick up a bottle to add to your drinks globe.

Oh, and guess what? I totally WON the World Gin Day Challenge with my Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies so THANK YOU if you showed me some twitter love! I LOVE WINNING!


I was a guest of Zomato, Fever Tree and the East London Liquor Company but if I hadn’t had a bloody brilliant night I wouldn’t have written about it!


  1. Frankie The Mayfairy

    July 24, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Ok, so GIN IS FABULOUS. We all know that. There’s nothing worse, however, than being hand a BAD gin and tonic. They exist, they’re out there, disappointing Londoners one tumbler at a time. Thank you for helping to solve the world’s ills and telling us where ALL THE GOOD GIN IS AT. Thank you.

    Yes, I know I sporadically yelled all through this comment. It was necessary.

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