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July 5, 2015

London, Theatre, West-End

Star for a Day Competition!

Hotel Direct have launched a theatre centred competition for bloggers, asking them to create a day of London excitment based around a West End Show! WHAT FUN! The winner will get their itinerary brought to life courtesy of Hotel Direct which sounds like a JOLLY GOOD IDEA TO ME! Being a huge Roald Dahl nut ever since I was a wee nugget of a human, I chose Matilda as my character of choice, because she’s a feminist icon, super intelligent and incredibly kind of heart. And she loves  ...

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East London Liquor Company

OH GIN HOW DO I LOVE YOU?! LET ME COUNT THE WAYS?! Literally I love Mother’s Ruin in any form it comes, and me and my tastebuds (though not so much my liver) are thrilled with the huge BOOM it’s had in recent years, with independent distilleries popping up all over the shop. A couple of weeks ago the lovely folk at Zomato and Fever Tree invited a bevy of gin-loving blogger types over to the East London Liquor Company to sample the blends they distill on site. Located just on the  ...

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