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Friday Feeling!


Guys, I’ve had a MANIC couplea weeks. It’s been utterly swell. Here’s what’s made the world a GLORIOUS place to live in the last fortnight.

  • Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies
    I whipped up a batch of these DELICIOUS TREATS in a bid to WIN a competition on World Gin Day in association with Fever Tree, The East London Liquor Company and Zomato. Show me some love on Twitter using the hashtag #GinFever and I’ll love you forever and have your babies.
    Gin and tonic ice Lollies recipe
  • The Elephant Man at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
    Guys Bradley Cooper is literally good. I was awe-struck at his portrayal of John Merrick, his physicality is just SUMMIN ELSE. The play itself is a little dusty, but he is just spectacular. If you can get a ticket, it’s well worth a watch.
    The elephant Man

the elephant man ticket

  • Afternoon Tea at Kettners
    Kettners is my fave at the moment. Oh it’s just SUCH a beautiful bar and restaurant! They kindly invited me down for afternoon tea to chat about the history of the building and it’s glitzy past so I rammed a load of scones in my face and lapped up some KNOWLEDGE. Full post coming soon!

Kettners afternoon tea Kettners afternoon tea

  • Bend It Like Beckham at The Phoenix Theatre
    SWELLED with pride seeing my dear chum Sejal take to the stage playing a chavvy rude girl in Bend It Like Beckham. Whilst the show needs a bit of work and a trim (they’re in previews until the 24th June) there’s some lovely stuff in there and obviously I wept as soon as she walked onstage. PROUD PAL.

Bend it like beckham ticket

  • The Fringe Guide
    Planning is well underway for my usual jaunt up to the Edinburgh Festival. The festival programme thudded through my letterbox this week and I spent a dreamy sunshiney morning in the garden drinking coffee and circling things in sharpie. IS IT AUGUST YET?!

Edfringe guide 2015

  • Scotch and Soda at the London Wonderground
    Teamed up with a gaggle of them LDNTheatreBlogger types to catch the press night of Scotch and Soda, a circus show all to the beats of a live jazz band. Gasps, laughter and copious amounts of Pimms were had by all.
    Scotch and Soda Tickets
  • The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre
    Caught this utter HOOT of a play again after seeing it a couple of times in Edinburgh and MY GOD it’s just utterly hysterical. I ACHED WITH LAUGHTER SO HARD. Full post up tomorrow!

the play that goes wrong ticke

  • Logitech Harmony Hub
    I’m a bit of a tech novice but something that drives me utterly insane is how many remote controls we have in the living room. WE HAVE LIKE SIX AND IT IS REALLY HARD TO GET THE TV TO TURN ON. So I was super chuffed when the lovely lot at Logitech sent me over one of their Harmony Hubs, promising to take all my remote control woes away. The hub connects to all your gadgets and allows you to control everything via a smartphone app. HANDY RIGHT?!

logitech harmony hub

remote controls


  • Hannah’s Hen
    Last weekend we went for a very drunken weekend in Bath for the lovely Hannah’s hen. Hen parties can often be a bit stressful and FORCED FUN but this one was just brilliant. We ate pizza, drank a tonne of prosecco (I may or may not have fallen asleep on the bathroom floor after too much fizz), we wore Mary Poppins fancy dress, picnicked, flew kites, played mini-golf, drank gin cocktails, spotted the neighbours having a steamy sex session (4 real), ate a gorgeous three course meal and danced and played silly games.hannahs hen

    Mary Poppins Fancy Dress

    Bankers, Jockeys, Suffragettes and Chimney Sweeps. Oh and Ms Poppins herself of course.

    suffragette fancy dress

    USEFUL masks of the bride's face

    USEFUL masks of the bride’s face

  • American Buffalo at The Wyndham’s Theatre
    Had a cute matinee date with my Mum to see Damian Lewis, John Goodman and Tom Sturridge bust out one of David Mamet’s classics. It was SUPER. Very wordy, very sweary, moving and funny with one of the most incredibly dressed sets I have ever seen. Sterling performances from all three. GOOD GOD the West-End has some EXCELLENT drama on at the moment.American Buffalo Ticket
  • The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards
    On Thursday, I was booked to perform a cabaret set as part of a special Crafternoon Cabaret for the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards, celebrating all things crafty. My partner in cabaret crime Joe and I dusted off some of our favourite numbers from our show ‘Song Of The Single Girl’ and went to town. It felt SO GOOD to sing again after a couple of months battling with a chest infection and lost voice. HOORAY FOR MELODIES! And then we attempted some embroidery. It’s a good job I can sing, because LEMME TELL YA I am naht gooddd at crafting.
hoop embroidery

Crafting efforts

sorry but how buff is Regent's Canal?!

sorry but how buff is Regent’s Canal?!

Mollie Makes Handmade Awards IMG_1933

  • The Epic House Party
    After cabaret and embroidery fun I dashed to Brick Lane to meet Katy and we went to 93 Feet East, to the ‘Epic House Party’ which was being hosted by moneysupermarket (because of course). It was AWESOME. Free bar, jerk chicken, mini ice-creams, DJs, beer pong and a photobooth. And a whole gaggle of rowdy bloggers. ALL  THE FUN WAS HAD.Say_Fromage_image_photo_grid say fromage photobooth
  • Being sent poems in the post
    This morning a package arrived for me. Two of my dearest, loveliest friends picked this up for me on their trip away to NYC, and thought of me when they saw this in the Public Library. So unbelievably thoughtful, and I cannot WAIT to get stuck in.

poems of new york

  • This news report.
    Poor Fanny.


RIGHT IT’S OFFICIALLY THE WEEKEND NOW BYE WORK! Hope you’ve had an utterly brilliant two weeks, and that your weekend plans are TEEMING with fun and frivolity. As a hilarious start to my weekend, I’m going on a blind date tonight. It’s a good job I’m really cool and never make a fool out of myself in front of men isn’t it? HAHAHAHAHA OH GOD WISH ME LUCK!


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