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Friday Feeling!

OH HAI HUNS! You good? Yeah, you look good. You been working out? Thought so coz, you are looking ON POINT GIRL.

Last two weeks has been fun as fuck. Here’s what went down.

  • Catch ups with pals
    Caught up with some of my panto cast to yarn away about what we’ve been up to since shaking off our Christmas glitter over drinks and burgers on the Southbank, then had my two best gals come over for hangs in the garden and Sunday Shepherds Pie. Just good old fashioned lovely laughter and quality time spent with excellent humans. SURE.

garden vibes

garden chill

these gals though

panto huns

Looking less glittery than last time we were all together

  • Romeo and Juliet Class
    Headed up to Birmingham this week to run a workshop for a gaggle of bard-hungry Year 7’s on that star-crossed tale of sheer woe, JULIET AND ROMEO. It can be really nerve-wracking teaching a whole new class that you’ve never met before, but LUCKILY this lot were lovely and we had a super time bringing the text off the page and tearing up the Library with our version of the big fight scene, set in the local Asda. Mercutio was armed with a pretend baguette, because of course.  It went so well it actually went on the school’s website (along with a SUPER UNFLATTERING PHOTO OF ME OH GOD THAT DUBZ CHIN THO).romeo and juliet
  • Minnie
    Whilst up in Birmingham, I got to stay with my dear chums Nick and Adam and my favourite pup of all time, Minnie. Here’s some pictures of her because I have to.


minnie on my head

apparently my head is a really comfortable place to sleep



  • Gin In A Tin Review Vlog
    After some hefty editing skillz (jeeeeez we can chat some shit when we’re a few gins down) from the gorgeous Rebecca, our Gin In A Tin review video finally hit YouTube this week, and LUCKILY people seem to be enjoying having a giggle at it. So if you haven’t already, give this little vid a click and educate yaself about the various gin in tin based products out there!
  • Blogger Preview of The Trading House
    On Thursday last week, lovely Katy and I were WHISKED OFF in a horse and carriage to the preview opening of new bar, The Trading House in the City. We had a cocktail masterclass, ate cheese, met some gorgeous other bloggers and indulged in a very thorough beer tasting class. Full post to come soon!
Sweet wheels

Sweet wheels

gin and tonic trading house

  • My Birthday
    Yes huns, I turned 28 this week. TWENTY EIGHT AND STILL NAD A CLUE WHAT I’M DOING WTH MY LIFE. Just like everyone else in the world. Oh, I had a glorious time. I had a lovely lunch with my Mum, met a gaggle of mates at the pub for drinks, had a big family bash in my Uncle’s Shed that he turned into a pub (legend), and then spent Sunday in my dressing gown, 6 inch heels and bunny ears drinking Breakfast Pimms (which is Pimms that you have at Breakfast, obviously) watching Eurovision with a load of my favourite people in the world. SO THAT WAS QUITE GOOD AS BIRTHDAYS GO!

    Cousin love

    Cousin love

    sam and jasper

    This is my brother with our little cousin Jasper. They’re both tall for their age.

    gin and tonic ice lolly

    made gin and tonic ice lollies didn’t I?

  • Champagne Club at Kettners
    I’m doing a little bit of work with Soho institution Kettners (the very same place I went for dinner t’other week) and they were SUPER LUSH and invited me and Rebecca (of Gin in a Tin review fame) to join them for their Champagne Club. At each one, you’re given around 5/6 glasses of champagne to try from both big name brands (on this particular Wednesday, it was the turn of Laurent Perrier) and small growers, along with platters of delicious canapes to complement each glass- smoked salmon and dill blinis, mini goats cheese tartlets, pea and mint arancini plus lovingly curated cheese boards and maracons and strawberries to finish. It was HEAVENLY. It’s really good value as well, for a treat I would DEFINITELY recommend. I’m going to take my Mum soon (sorry Mum for ruining the surprise if you’re reading this). For more info on the monthly Champagne Club, visit the Kettners website here!

bloody hell brennan champagne club_edited-1 champagne club kettners

  • Sweeney Todd at Harrington’s Pie Shop
    FINALLY managed to haul my ass down to the Harrington’s Pie Shop installation on Shaftesbury Avenue to see the Tooting Arts Club production of Sweeney Todd, (which just happens to be my favourite musical of all time, bit of Katie Brennan trivia for you there.) and it was PHENOMENAL. The cast of just eight people manages to pull off the show with dark humour and stylish aplomb. The audience are sat at benches in a recreation of  London’s oldest pie show (which did make my aforementioned ass NUMB but the show was so good I didn’t care) and  the cast stomp on the tables, the pie counter and move all around the audience as they tell the story of the Demon Barber. It is TOTALLY ingenious and Sweeney himself (Jeremy Secombe) gives the most terrifying rendition of the character I’ve ever seen- his wide eyed crazed stare is horrifying. HE DOESN’T EVER BLINK, I WANT TO KNOW HOW HE DOES IT. Utterly brilliant.

Sweeney Todd Tooting Arts Club

  • Tim Key at the Invisible Dot
    Had an impromptu jaunt down to the Invisible Dot in Kings Cross with my brother to catch our favourite comedian Tim Key doing a work in progress. And if it was anything to go by, his Edinburgh show this year is going to be FUNNY AS FUCK. I cried laughing. God he’s brilliant.

Tim Key ticket

  • Penguin Little Black Classics
    Huge love for this series from Penguin. They’re 80p per volume, and little enough to fit into the tiniest of handbags, and feature some of the world’s most famous writers. NO EXCUSE TO NOT BE WELL READ EH! Plus they look stylish as hellllll.

Penguin Little Black Classics

RIGHT it’s the weekend now. Go forth, have fun and pretend Monday doesn’t exist. LOVE YOU ALL K BAIIIIII xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      May 31, 2015 at 1:59 pm

      Hope you had a fab weekend! X

  1. kelsey bang

    May 31, 2015 at 6:52 am

    wow this all looks like so much fun! such a darling pup!

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      May 31, 2015 at 1:59 pm

      Oh she REALLY IS! Such a snuffly little babe! Xx

  2. Kate

    June 1, 2015 at 9:43 am

    The gin in the tin review vlog is literally EVERYTHING.

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      June 2, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      Haha thank you!! Glad you like it! Such a debauched way to spend a Sat’day eve! x

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