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Making Mocktails with Appletiser

If you’ve recently watched our Gin in a Tin Review vlog or you know, you know me at all, you’ll know I do love a drink. I realise that makes me sound like an alcoholic but I’m not talking about swigging bottles of Special Brew out of brown paper bags, I’m talking about pints of cold cloudy cider in beer gardens and the tang of a well made gin and tonic. So last week when the lovely team at Appletiser were like, ” Hey babe, can we send you some stuff to make mocktails with?” I was like “LOL NOPE SHIT SOUNDS BORING” but then I figured that my post-birthday-celebration-liver could probably do with a few days off the sauce, so I said “Yes please” and the rest is history.

A classic tale.


So yeah, they sent over a bunch of stuff (from an Ocado delivery. OCADO BITCHES! Pretended I had money for once and felt swag as hell) plus a recipe to make one of their mocktails.

So this is all the gear to make a Pomegranate and Apple refresher.

appletiser mocktails

For one mocktail:

·         50ml cranberry juice

·         25ml lime juice

·         100ml Apple & Pomegranate Appletiser

·         Ice cubes

·         Lime wedge to garnish



1.       Fill a cocktail shaker half way with ice cubes

2.       Add cranberry juice, lime juice and Apple & Pomegranate Appletiser into a cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds

3.       Strain the mixture into a chilled Martini glass

4.       Garnish with a lime wedge


 Now I won’t lie, I have no cocktail shaker, but I DO have some old faded tupperware jugs (wheyy) so I had to be a little more DIY and mix things up in that. I also DO NOT have any martini glasses, but included in my delivery were a couple of Tanquerary gin chalices, and although it seems a tragedy of epic proportions to serve anything other than gin in them, they were swell for supping down the fruity fizz.

And yeah it’s delicious! Zingy, fresh and fruity but not too sweet which is often my beef with cocktails. I’m going to make them again next time I have people over as a delicious breakfast beverage. Go for it, your liver will thank you for a few days off!

mocktail top view


I was sent these bits and bobs by Appletiser to try and review, but if I hadn’t loved it and slurped it all down in a matter of minutes I wouldn’t have written about it! 


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