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Friday Feeling!

HOLY SMOKES BATMAN it’s that time again, to reflect on the good things that have happened over the last 14 days. I spent most of last week in bed with a delicious chest infection which had me coughing up all kinds of delightfulness, so that was not so wonderful actually. Even though it is still lingering which is making me THOROUGHLY frustrated, because I am a massive trouper, I necked a load of Benylin (my Dad’s expert medical advice was “Have a big slug of Benylin Drowsy and a massive glass of red wine, you’ll sleep right through.”) and still managed to have a good dollop of fun.

  • London Coffee Festival
    Got real caffeinated up at this incredible festival at the Old Truman Brewery last weekend. IT WAS EXCELLENT and I wrote a full post about it here.

    espresso martini

    Espresso Martinis are never not a good idea.

  • Bugsy Malone at the Lyric Hammersmith
    Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t LOVE Bugsy Malone? HOW COULD YOU NOT?! Having directed a production of this utter classic for my Theatre Academy last Summer, me and my producer went to see the current version playing at the Lyric and it. was. A JOY. Wonderful choreography, stunning young performances and  a shedload of splurge. Even if I had only *just* got ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’ out of my head for the first time since last summer.

    Bugsy malone lyrics Hammersmith

    Nerds on tour

    Lyric Hammersmith lights

    The Lyric Hammersmith looking peng on a Sat’day Night

  • An Exhibition Opening
    Took a jaunt over to St James to see the latest exhibition by Roger McPhail, the wonderful Dad of one of my dear pals (who, incidentally, painted ‘The Famous Grouse’ grouse. FOR REAL!). Lots of EXCELLENT paintings of wildlife and hilarious cartoon work. Oh, and champagne obviousssssssssssly.


  • Dinner at Kettner’s
    On Monday I met up with some of the rowdy London Theatre Bloggers gang to sample the pre-theatre menu at Kettner’s, nestled right in the heart of Soho. Proper post coming soon, but just as a little spoiler IT WAS LUXURIOUS.

Kettners Soho

  • A Baby Shower
    Actual real-life friends of mine my age who I actually hang out with and stuff are now getting all pregnant and shit. IT’S MAD. But it does mean I can indulge my desires to buy tiny converse and mini superhero outfits without actually having to get up the duff myself, so you know, WIN. We had a delightful day to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Henderson, sipping tea, prosecco and munching mini sandwiches and scones (WE ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT SCONES) whilst playing silly game. Very refined.

teacups babyshower

(Side note-I found this baby picture of me. I mean, have you EVER seen a fatter baby? Talk about not being Summer Body Ready.)

Bloody hell brennan baby

  • These Pink Wedges
    Sassy as hell. Thank you Primark for such strong shoe game. (So sorry about my trotters btw, I’m aware I am in desperate need of a pedicure.)

pink  primark wedges

  • Death of a Salesman at the Noel Coward
    The RSC’s acclaimed production has transferred to town and bloody hell it is phenomenal. Anthony Sher and Harriet Walter star under the direction of Gregory Doran’s which seriously gives Death of A Salesman a solid case for the ultimate American Tragedy. I can’t rememeber the last time I was so moved by a play, the performances are utterly towering. DO go and see it if you get a chance, it’s just breathtaking.

Death of a Salesman RSC

  • Teaching work
    Slightly dull, but I’ve been booked for some lovely (incredibly well paid) freelance drama workshop leading work at a school up in Brum which I’m really excited about. Mainly because one of the briefs is to design and deliver a drama workshop on ‘Harry Potter’. UM YEAH K COOL THINK I CAN MANAGE THAT. I’m definitely going to wear these badboys.Hogwarts jogging bottoms
    And maybe my Hufflepuff T-Shirt.hufflepuff tshirt
    And maybe my Harry Potter ring.Harry Potter ring


  • Wednesday’s Weather
    Sat in the garden lesson planning all day on Wednesday in my floaty floral nightie (specifically bought so I could waft about pretending to be ethereal- in actual fact my boobs have a bad habit of falling out regularly. SORRY NEIGHBOURS.) and it was just SUCH GLORIOUS WEATHER. Lathered up in my Factor 30, made  a proper frothy coffee and let my freckles come out to play.

blue sky

  • True Friendship Feature
    This week I was one of ten bloggers to be featured in an article on Tombola about true friendship. So if you’d like to know what, in my opinion, is the mark of a true friend give this link a click and have a read!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hey, just in case I don’t say it enough, thanks like, A LOT for reading this blog. I appreciate every click, every comment, RT, Instagram Like, follower and all that digital social shiz. YOU ARE ALL MASSIVE BABES AND I LUSH YA FOR IT.

Now go have a gin the size of your head, it’s the weekend ffs.



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