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Friday Feeling!

Party people HEY it’s Friday Night! Well, almost. HI GUYS hope you’ve had an an absolutely SMASHING couplea weeks. Mine’s been aaaabsolutely crazy with a gazillion lovely things going on, lots of which will get their own post if I hurry the FUCK up and get my arse into gear and stop listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks all the time (srsly though, they are great. STEPHEN FRY FOR KING!) but in the meantime, here’s ten things that have made this fortnight a lovely place to live.

  • The Quarter Club
    Last Monday Bar Topolski in Waterloo was rammed full of creative, intelligent and ambitious twentysomething women, all gathered for the first event of the Quarter Club, a new networking and social club designed to help establish links and promote hope, ideas and support for gals. Mainly aimed at those in creative industries or maintaining a portfolio career, the whole evening was themed around the word ‘COURAGE’ and featured a number of inspiring guest speakers, wonderful conversation and a whole host of interesting people all chatting away and sipping prosecco. It was awesome.

The Quarter Club

  • Ah, Wilderness! at the Young Vic
    Ah me, I just love a press night. I love even more a press night when I get a comp ticket. This production of Eugene O’Neill’s 1933 play was actually my first ever trip to the Young Vic. It was a bit of a dry show if you ask my humble opinion (save the excellent performance by Dominic Rowan of the inebriated Uncle Sid, lad of all lads stumbling about the stage talking to a spoon- been there my friend) but I spiced things up when I jumped so violently at a firecracker going off onstage that my beer LEAPT out of it’s plastic chalice and landed splat onto the HEAD of the man in front of me. He must hve thought he was being shat on by a beer-pigeon. And people ask me why my blog is called ‘Bloody Hell Brennan’.

AH Wilderness Young Vic

  • Amsterdam
    I spent a whirlwind 24 and a half hours back in Amsterdam last week with my best mate. We were supposed to be there to watch an opera for her job, but it got cancelled so we just had a jolly instead. Life’s terrible sometimes. We got high as kites and banged loads of red light hookers. NAH NOT REALLY YOU SAUCY LITTLE SAUSAGES! We wandered round the canals, ate cheese and went for a few beers. SUCH a stunner of a city.

tulips in amsterdam

  • Rehearsals
    Tonight I’m singing the title number in a brand new musical revue at the Lost Theatre down in Stockwell called Lost and Found. Apparently I’m supposed to channel Jessica Rabbit so I’ve dug out my push-up bra and spanx. If you’re at a loss for something to do tonight and fancy hearing some stellar singers belt out some Broadway tunes, get yourself over to YPlan- all tickets for Lost and Found: A New Musical Revue arejust £5 now on YPLan (free app/ticket service) if you use the code ATOMICUSUK (giving you £5 credit.Just search ‘Lost + Found’ on the Yplan app and it’s the first result, or click here to book online:
    And then we’ll have a big old gin after, K?


  • Marathon
    On Sunday my dear chum Steve ran the marathon in 3 hours 23 minutes because he is an absolute MACHINE. So we thought it only appropriate to celebrate his success by meeting him in the pub afterward and pouring loads of pints down our throats. JOY AND RAPTURE.
Marathon runner


  • Titanic Live
    The first of two visits to the Royal Albert Hall this week came in the form of a ticket to see 12 year old me’s favourite movie, Titanic accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Seeing Kate and Leo shag in a car whilst that massive orchestra swelled was BLOODY GREAT. (Side note- Oh Rose DeWitt Bukater- SUCH hair envy. THOSE AUBURN CURLS DOE.)

Titanic LIve

  • Follies
    Second jaunt to the RAH was to see the live Follies concert studded with a huge lineup of glittering stars and directed by Craig Revel Horwood. Whilst the show could have done with a few more rehearsals, there were enough excellent moments to make this a good watch- Anita Dobson in particular stole the goddam show.

Follies live at royal albert hall

  • Scandinavian  Kitchen
    Before indulging in a bit of Sondheim of a Wednesday afternoon, I had a meeting with the lovely Alexandra from Zomato, a GENIUS food app that blends restaurants listings with social media. We met in Fitzrovia’s Scandinavian Kitchen, a café-deli serving Monmouth Coffee and excellent Nordic inspired grub. Their open sandwiches are treat and the shelves teeming with grub galore winked down at me from on high. Thoroughly recommended, and only a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus. Tip Top.

egg mayo on rye scandinavian kitchen

  • Zomato Meet Up
    Following this meeting, Zomato were REALLY CUTE and  to invited me to a beer-tasting event at Bierschenke in Liverpool Street, a German bierkeller which serves LITRES of their own blend of brews. There we sampled a huge array of their wares, before feasting on sausages, pork, schnitzel and strudel. OH GOD SO MUCH SAUSAGE WHEYYYYY!
Bierschenke food

Never seen so much sausage in one place. And I’ve been to the Two Brewers in Clapham.

  • This umbrella.
    My secret inner Stagey shrieked in delight when I found this MGM inspired beauty.
singing in the rain umbrella

Props to Gordon the Garden Gnome holding it down in the back

It’s also the first day of MAY! Let us canter round a maypole, skip through the bluebells and rejoice in more bank-holiday based glory! Plus it’s my birthday month. It’s legit to celebrate your birthday for a whole month, right?

Have a corking weekend you lovely lot!


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