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April 2015

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30 Things Twentysomethings Miss About University

Ordering a cider and black or a snakebite with zero shame. And it not costing a fiver (YES LONDON I’M LOOKING AT YOU) Merrily whinging about having to read all day. Mate, what I wouldn’t do just to be able to read all day now. (And by read, I don’t mean just refreshing Buzzfeed YES EVERYONE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING WORK I’M LOOKING AT YOU.) Wearing elaborate, slutty fancy dress outfits with zero shame. “YEP THE SHORTER THE BETTER! OH wait you can see my knickers?  ...

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Friday Feeling, Lists

A GOOD Friday Feeling!

Ooooh I feel like I’m well getting into the swing of these fortnightly posts of positivity now and hopefully you babes are not getting too bored of reading them! They’re like a little ray of sunshine to write, to reflect on lovely things and make an effort to find things that make me smile and feel good every day. In times of great stress or tumult, I find a really helpful thing to do is to write down five things that I’m grateful for or that have made me smile ┬áto help  ...

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