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Friday Feeling!

Right HIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA huns hope you’re well and have had a LOVELY OLD WEEK! Mine’s been a bit crazy, feel like I’m HERE and THERE and also EVERYWHERE at the moment!

But still- here’s the stuff that’s made the world a really magnificent place to live in in the last couple of weeks!

    OH hasn’t it been GLORIOUS! My freckles are once again dancing around my face and I’ve blown the dust off my favourite sandals, and got my pasty pins out to show the world once more! Sitting in the garden of a daytime, banging out some work, with birds smashing song in the trees and dragonflies droning round the plant-pots was truly a highlight of the week. Spring, it’s good to see ya son.
  • Cbeebies Live
    I see an awful lot of theatre as it goes. I’ve got really eclectic taste, and have seen everything from Ian McKellen giving it a bit of bluster at the RSC right through to gay adult panto. But never have I seen a CBEEBIES LIVE ARENA TOUR! My pal Sam was one of the cast members of Mr Tumble’s Circus, playing amongst other things, a giant dinosaur and a gold plane. And who said showbiz wasn’t glamorous? So off we toddled, nursing slightly sore heads to cheer him on at Wembley on Easter Sunday. And I LOVED IT. I’m friends with a legit dinosaur, how sick is that?!

    Tiddles the Dinosaur


    We were STOKED.

    We were STOKED.

    Cbeebies Circus Live

    No-one wears a gold plane like my friend Sam.

    "It's fine to drink here, right?"

    “It’s fine to drink here, right?”

  • A Trip to Brum
    Last week I toddled up to Brum to stay with a couple of dear old chums.We drank cold gin and tonics on their balcony, stormed through two box sets of Psychoville (which, by the way, is INSANE), picnicked up at Kinver Edge, drank beers in the sunshine by the River Severn in Shropshire, all the whilst I fell deeper in love with their pug Minnie. But I have to fight for her affections with her BFF Fleur the white cat.

    pug and cat sleeping


    Pug and cat cuddle


    pug and cat in basket

    Kinver Edge

    Picnicking on the Edge

    Into the Woods

    Wood Walking

    Minnie  the Pug

    oh for God’s sake


  • Bookie Monsters
    This month’s Book Club was a wonderful meeting, with loads of the gang being able to attend. We were kindly hosted at one of our members flats in the docklands, and FEASTED on lasagne and cheese whilst glugging down wine and shouting (loudly) about the book of the month, Eat Your Heart Out by Zoe Pilger (spoiler: it wasn’t very popular.) What a bunch of brilliant women.

    docklands view

    Not a bad view as they go.


    And God said let there be cheese. And there was cheese.


  • Old Photos
    Sifting through some old photos, I found some corkers. Photos that show how I’ve evolved into such an effortlessly cool, pulled together young (ish) woman. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT I’M STILL AN AAABSOLUTE LOSER WHO STILL LOVES DRESSING UP.

    My brother's gonna kill me.

    My brother’s gonna kill me.

    Rocking this season's suede vibe

    Rocking this season’s suede vibe

    Being a total EAGLE on Sports Day

    Being a total EAGLE on Sports Day

    Just in case you ever feel blue, I once did a show where I looked like this.

    Just in case you ever feel blue, I once did a show where I looked like this.

  • A Nice Audition
    I had an audition last week that I was really nervous about (is it just me, or do the more jobs you don’t get the more nervous you get at auditions?! I’m having one of those total OH GOD I AM REALLY SHIT AT PERFORMING AND WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN kind of thing at the moment.) and you know what? It went really well. I did my best and I was pleased with it, and the panel were just LOVELY. I wrote this piece last year about audition panels and how much of a difference it makes when they are approachable and polite. They were really encouraging, complimentary and took the time to actually ask me a few questions about what I’d prepared for them and the projects I’ve recently been doing. Which made me feel like a human being being actually considered for a job, rather than a mere pair of lungs and being judged only on what I look like. I didn’t get the job, but when audition panels are respectful like that, I sort of don’t even care. SO YEAH THANKS FOR THAT YOU LOVELY BUNCH! (p.s but also Hi Universe, I need a job K thaaaaaanks, Love Katie).
  • War Horse
    Two dear pals of mine have recently just opened in the new cast of War Horse, which continues it’s run at the New London Theatre, so a gaggle of us went down to see them give their best equine game. And obviously I cried. Not just because War Horse is such an emotionally stirring show, but out of sheer bloody pride. Honestly, you’d think, being a performer, I’d get used to seeing my friends on stage, but the minute they walk on, I get all tearful and sniffly. BURSTING WITH PRIDE.

    drama school reunion

    Reunion <3


  • Coffee Tour
    On Tuesday, I was kindly invited by the team who run the London Coffee Festival to join them on their vintage Routemaster Bus for a tour of East London Independent Coffee-Shops. I’ll blog properly about it it asap, but it a was REALLY FUN! And my god, I was smacked off my tits on caffeine. HOORAY!

    Independent Coffee Tour


    Sweet wheels


  • A Beautiful Thing in Manchester
    Still shaking at the sheer amount of flat whites I’d ingested, after the Coffee Tour, I hopped on a train and sped off up to Manchester to see my best mate in her play, LGBT classic A Beautiful Thing. She’s actually the understudy (HUN-derstudy more like!) and it was her first night on as one of the leads and she smashed it. Obviously I cried. Again. Oh and also, I stepped off the train and walked out of the station, beaming as I greeted Manchester for the first time, and promptly tripped up and fell flat on my face. People had to help me up. It was QUITE an entrance into a city. GOOD MORNING MANCHESTER *faceplant*.

    A Beautiful Thing Lowry



    *swells with pride*

    *swells with pride*


  • Second hand tapes for my car
    Because who WOULDN’T want to listen to Mr Mainwaring telling Pike he’s a “stupid boy” whilst driving around town?!

    dads army tapes


Hope you’ve all had a WONDERFUL two weeks and have a bitching weekend, filled with bad decisions, too much gin and hopefully a BIG SNOG FROM SOMEONE GOOD because that’s always nice isn’t it?!



  1. Katy

    April 17, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    I’m SO SAD I couldn’t come to the coffee thing 🙁 sad sad sad.

    Also: I knwo I couldn’t make the book club night, but I did read the book: WHAT A LOAD OF PRETENTIOUS TWADDLE. Awful awful book. In fact, confession time: I didn’t ACTUALLY finish reading it. Because I read on my lunch break and it was putting me off my lunch cos it was so bad. So yeah. That.

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      April 17, 2015 at 2:31 pm

      Do I blame you? I do not. It was a weird old read. I actually didn’t hate it, but it’s far from making my recommended reads list!

      And you were MISSED on the coffee slurping trip! xxxx

  2. Laura

    April 20, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    I love old photos. I always find some right gems nosing round my dads house!

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