NYC 2- I’m an EnglishWoman in New York…

As we awoke on our second full day in the Big Apple, we were greeted by another GLORIOUS SPRING DAY. I hate to sound so stereotypically British, gabbing on about the weather, but given that the week before NYC had been in BLIZZARD conditions, we were jolly lucky indeed. We decided to make the best of the blue skies and winking sun by hopping on a boat to take in the skyline from the water and give a tip of our hats to Lady Liberty herself.

Staten Island Ferry


Brooklyn Bridge

K srsly tho, THAT SKY!

NYC Boat Trip

Boat Trip NYC


NYC Boat trip Ellis Island

Mes parentes

Mes parentes

NYC Skyline


So, I know you’ve all seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty before, and so have I, but there’s something really exciting when they’re YOUR OWN pictures of the Statue of Liberty. So thank you for indulging me, you’re all really buff and I lush ya xxxxx

Statue of Liberty


Statue of LIberty

Statue of Liberty Parents

Aaaaaaand here she is growing out of my Mum’s head

The Siblilngs and Ms Liberty

Mr Tall, Ms Squinty Mc- Hamster Cheeks and Ms Liberty

Statue of Liberty and American Flag

NYC Skyline

Instagrammed the shit out of that one

We then ducked under the mighty Brooklyn Bridge for some similarly photogenic scenery:

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Aaaaand because we hadn’t quite had our fill of boats by that point, once we’d docked again at Pier 15, we promptly hopped back on a water taxi which was as yellow as the sun beaming down on us over to visit achingly hip old Brooklyn, the East London of NYC.

Water Taxi Water Taxi
We had full intentions of meeting up with our friend Joe, who’s in New York performing in a show and doing a waterside walk, visiting Williamsburg and diving in and out of the groovy boutiques but TBH we were HUNGRY, so we ditched the walk idea in favour of food and beer. Which is never really a bad thing is it? We stopped for Lobster rolls and pints at The Bridges in Dumbo which was a GREAT idea. Once fed and watered we took a stroll around Dumbo (p.s how amazing is it that a place is called Dumbo?! YES) to catch some of the street art and  the neighbourhood.

beer is culture

It is.

Lobster Roll


manhattan bridge Thomson water meter rainbow mural

owl mural


yes mural


octopus yes mural


Now, the whole reason we were over Stateside in the first place, was to support and see my darling pal Joe perform in Josephine and I, an astonishing play written by Cush Jumbo, prime babe of theatre. It’s doing a run at the Public Theatre and I may have got a bit weepy and proud to see one of my best friends charming the New York Theatre Going Public so gosh darn well.

Joe's pub

The venue inside the theatre is called Joe’s Pub-AND MY PAL IS CALLED JOE TOO HOW COOL IS THAT

public theatre Josephine and I

Joe's pub public theatre

Snuggling down in the cosy Cabaret venue, ready to watch the show.

Me and my brother obviously found time to dick about in the theatre foyer too.

sam being shot
After the show, we sped on over to the late show The Blue Note Jazz Club, New York’s answer to Ronnie Scott’s. I had spied on their gig list that my Dad’s all time hero, guitarist Pat Metheny would be guesting that evening at drummer Roy Haynes’s 90th birthday. And OH SWEET MOSES it was incredible. The club is tiny, much smaller than Ronnie’s and we had the best table in the house. The band were phenomenal, and as it was Mr Haynes’s 90th (90! THE DUDE IS LITERALLY 90 AND A MASSIVE LAD!) there were all sorts of jazz VIPs swanning around the joint, Antonio Sanchez, Jack DeJohnette, Christian McBride- it was cool as fuck.

Blue note jazz club inside blue note

Pat Metheny- just a casual 20 Grammy wins

Pat Metheny- just a casual 20 Grammy wins

Roy Haynes. 90 and still tap dancing and drumming.

Roy Haynes. 90 and still tap dancing and drumming.

pat metheney 2 roy haynes gig

Christian McBride- Pimp of Bass

Christian McBride- Pimp of Bass

pat metheny 3 blue note jazz club
To watch my Dad watch his hero so close up, in such an intimate setting was truly, one of the most special moments of my life. ALL THE WARM AND FUZZY FEELS!

One more NY post to go and then I promise I’ll stop wanging on about it.

LOVE YOU BYE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. Laura

    April 17, 2015 at 11:54 am

    i stayed in New York for six weeks last summer and loved it, especially the statue of liberty! looks like you had a fab time.

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      April 17, 2015 at 11:55 am

      Ah we really did! Such a cool place! x

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