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Chic feat. Nile Rodgers at The Roundhouse

On Saturday I fulfilled a massive TICK off my wish-list- to see Chic live.

Ever since I saw the footage of their Glastonbury set in 2013 (I have actually never been to a music festival because I have a deep set fear of camping and portaloos. AREN’T YOU JUST WET ALL THE TIME?!) I have harboured a burning desire to see them play live. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I DREAMED OF AND MORE!

Chic ticket roundhouse camden

Turning up at Camden’s Roundhouse, I met my friend Hannah, who gleefully informed me that she was actually a member of the Roundhouse, which meant we could pop up to the members bar and have a few drinks there before taking our places amongst the crowd for the gig. So, we trotted along to the bar, set on the first floor overlooking stage left. We were given our own table, access to a private bar and were able to watch  the venue slowly filling up whilst the warm-up acts played their sets.

Roundhouse Members Bar

Then, the wonderful lady (who, incidentally was rocking an incredible turban, absolute style props) told us we could actually STAY THERE for the whole gig! At our own table with the most INSANE view! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

Roundhouse Camden

Feeling like abbbbbsolute queens we ordered another celebratory round, because it would have been rude not to. Nile Rodgers took to the stage, and my god, he is just the biggest legend I’ve ever seen. He began the gig by playing the crowd the video of their new single, I’ll Be There (which incidentally, is a banger) and said, “I hope you’ll indulge me by letting me play the new single…every other song you hear tonight is going to be a hit.” And he wasn’t wrong.

chic I'll be here



The rest of the band took to the stage and pretty much just worked their way through the entire back catalogue. They played EVERYTHING, with a belting brass section, the two absolute babe female singers (Folami and Kimberley Davis) who both have SICKKKKK voices and it was just fabulous. As well as playing all of Chic’s funk-tastic classics (I Want Your Love, Dance Dance Dance, Good Times etc) they also played a wonderful cocktail of Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Madonna and David Bowie hits (all of which Nile Rodgers produced of course because HERO) and also about a billion other songs that with every introduction we screamed “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG” because we’re not annoying at all. We danced our absolute tits off, and even the bar staff as they cleared (the increasing number ahem) of empty glasses from the  tables couldn’t resist grooving as they collected.

Chic IMG_0700

The gig ended with an encore of Le Freak which the entire venue boogied to like they didn’t want to live anymore. AH it was just glorious! We left still with the sounds of slap bass and disco ringing in our ears. One of the best gigs I have ever been to, if you ever get the opportunity to see Chic or Nile Rodgers live, I URGE you to do it!

Chic Camden Roundhouse

Brb off to listen to Le Freak for the 45th time this morning. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FREAK OUT!


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