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Friday Feeling!


Hope you’ve had a totally splendid couplea weeks. I DID BECAUSE I WENT TO NEW YORK! And my god, it was magnificent. I’ll obvvvv be writing more about the Big Apple Adventure in a separate post or two but BESIDES gallivanting around the East Coast, here’s the shiz that made the last two weeks lovely.

  1. Gin Blog
    One drizzly Saturday night, two life-loving blogging gals got together to film a Vlog. Said ladies were ME and Rebecca. We decided that we would do a public service- we would drink as many GinInATins as we could find, and review them, so YOU, the gin guzzling public will be informed about which ones are best. Safe to say, it was a deeply hilarious night. I mean, we got SMASHED. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see a video of me slurping gin, and wittering on about it whilst steadily getting drunker, YOUR CHANCE WILL BE SOON!

    Gin in a tin

    Keeping it classy

  2. Bookie Monsters
    A monthly highlight of mine is Book Club Day. Oh what a gaggle of inspiring, funny, ballsy women they are that make up the members of my Book Club. This month, we read Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, which I wrote a little wee post about here.My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
  3. Reading for the sake of reading.
    One of the things I loosely decided upon as 2015 dawned on us, was to read more for readings sake. Not when I’m on the way somewhere, crushed to death on public transport or to kill time but to actually turn my phone and laptop off, get comfy and slam my eyes across the page. In a bid to finish My Brilliant Friend I spent a delicious Friday night doing just that, and it was just mmmmmmmmmm. Then on Saturday morning, I woke up to burgeoning Spring sunshine streaming through the blinds, birds cheeping the morning’s arrival, and so I made a massive mug of coffee in my favourite mug, let the Beatles jam away quietly on my iPod and just read. OH IT WAS SUCH A TREAT!

    Reading with Candles


  4. Memphis at the Shaftesbury Theatre
    Memphis has been on my theatrical wish list for an absolute AGE and I was literally leaping for joy (okay, well not literally, don’t judge me I didn’t have a sports bra on) when got in touch and asked if I’d like to go on a girls night out to see it, and I was like HELLLLL YEAH. I gave you the skinny on it yesterday , but guys, it is only the BEST SHOW IN TOWN. The cast are another level of good, the music is awesome, it looks great and is funny and thought provoking and just YEAHHHHH ALL THE YEAHHHHH!Memphis the Musical
  5. Nails
    I fucking love silly things in life, hence why my friends despair at my ridiculous collection of animal phone covers (the latest one has goggly eyes BUILT IN!) and so once I took a whiff of the air and smelt SPRING WAS COMING I did my nails in the silliest spring way I could imagine. Don’t hate the playa hate the game.Yellow polka dot nail art
    Also road tested a new lippy for spring and I was buzzing because my eyes looked WELL BLUE IN THIS PIC.

    Katie Brennan Blogger


  6. Cuddling George
    Ugh I am so sick of not having a puppy. Luckily cuddles with this little mite kept the pangs at bay for one morning.

    Pug Tzu


  7. The Beard Exhibition at Somerset House
    I AM SUCH A SUCKER FOR A BEARDED MAN. I am like a moth to a flame for them. They make my knees go week, my tummy flipflop and there’s fanny gallops all over the shop. Somerset House currently have an exhibition of portraits of bearded humans by photographer Mr Elbank. It’s free, and fit, and quick to visit so if you’re a fan of a hirstute hero, do wander in to take a glance. Brb, I’m just off to stare at this guy for a bit. Again.

    Beard at Somerset House


    Beard Exhibition at Somerset House Somerset House Beards

  8. Literary Candles
    One of the little treasures I  brought back from the Big Apple (oh yeah, did I not mention? I’ve been in New York) was from this awesome art and design focused book shop called Powerhouse Arena I stumbled upon in Dumbo and they had a whole range of author inspired candles, made by a Nashville based company called Paddywax, each whimsical scent blended to evoke an Essence of the writer, all travel.friendly copper tin. Me and my pal Joe played a great game of GUESS THE AUTHOR WITH A SNIFF and I decided to take Oscar Wilde home with me. Because who doesn’t want a candle smelling like an gin soaked homosexual dandy by their bedside? (p.s if you’re a UK based babe you can order these delish treats here.)Paddywax Oscar Wilde Candle
  9. Rehearsals for Women Centre Stage
    Still with the jet lag fresh in my eyes I headed off the red-eye to a rehearsal to revive some of the Berlin Kabaret material I performed last summer at the Brighton fringe (where we only went and ahem WON best cabaret, oh whoops sorry about us) ready to perform it as part of the fabulous Women Centre Stage festival that’s on next weekend at the National Theatre shed space. All celebrating and exploring the idea of the ‘Heroine’, there’s two days crammed full of workshops, talks, and performances. We are featured in a segment at 7.30 next Saturday entitled Women At War,so if you are free and looking for a bit of culture that will.set your brain a thinking come and see us! Info here. (p.s is it legit to say this is my National Theatre debut?!)Women Centre Stage Festival
  10. A Jaunt to the Pennines
    On Wednesday I took a train up to Leeds to go and stay with some dear old pals for a few days in their home right slap bang in the PENNINES. And this was my view from my writing spot in their house. And that was fine by me.Lancashire Dales

What’s made your week wonderful?



  1. Catherine

    March 20, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    You made my week Miss B – what a joy you are to have in my life. You can come and scribble at our Yorkshire spot any time xx

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      March 20, 2015 at 12:34 pm

      JUST ALL THE LOVE! ALL THE LOVELY LOVE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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