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Friday Feeling!

Sooooooooooooo in my attempt to be more hip and down with the blogosphere and trying to do some weekly scheduled posts, I failed miserably because ya know, life gets in the way and shit goes down and hey, Netflix ain’t gonna watch itself GET ME!?. But then I thought, fortnightly is just as good, if not better!

THEREFORE in short, here’s the stuff that’s made the last two weeks a nice place to live.

    For the last two weeks, I was performing in a show called Ordinary Days  at the lovely little Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington. And it was a blooming treat! I got to play a neurotic, English Lit graduate (which isn’t like me at all……..) alongside a gorgeous company and we had healthy houses, stonking reviews and I got to catch up with all my beautiful friends and family who came to watch. Particular highlight was during one of my quiet moments onstage, hearing my Aunt whisper “SHE’S THE BEST.” SMOOTH.

    Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon- London Cast

    Obligatory Cast Selfie

  2. First rehearsal for Annie.
    I’m directing the musical all about the original Queen Of Sass, Little Orphan Annie for my theatre academy this term, and it was SUPER cute and cockle warming to see how excited they all were about the show in the first rehearsal on Saturday. THEY ROCK MY WORLD! And Lolllllllllllll at me directing. I’m like a female Trevor Nunn, but with better tits.Annie the Musical Script
  3. Hand Lettering. When I was a kid, my handwriting was so bad I actually had to go to handwriting club to learn how to make it look like a drunk spider had not vommed it’s way across my page, and ever since then I’ve had a slightly nerdy obsession with handwriting and lettering. Calligraphy and hand-lettering is always on my bucket list of stuff to practice and learn and get better at (me and the lovely Hannah from Crafternoon Cabaret are thinking of starting a not-at-all dorky CALLIGRAPHY CLUB), so this week I was all FUCK THIS IMMA DO IT  and bought some new materials, and some books and just had a bloody go at it. Here’s the fruits of my labour.Walt Whitman Quote- We were together, I forget the rest.
    Roald Dahl Sunbeams Quote from The Twits

    I mean, who DOESN’T love this quote?

    Never Let Tall Buildings Block The View Of Your Dreams

    Done with a proper motherfuckin’ dipping nib bitches

    Hand Lettering Alphabet

    F, L, J and T are my huns <3

  4. Monday night drinks at Brewdog.
    To celebrate my best one’s birthday, a rowdy bunch of debauched types got together for far too many drinks for a Monday at Brewdog in Shoreditch (for those keen readers, the same place where I went on that group blind date….). OBVIOUSLY the beer is always on. fucking. point. in Brewdog, but what really made my night was the name of this delicious cider because heheheheheheh.

    Fanny's Bramble Cider

    Fanny’s Bramble. 

  5. NYC Planning.
    Swiss Family Brennan are off to The Big Apple next week for a few days and to say I’m stoked would be an understatement. My notebook is FAST FILLING UP with potential plans and places to visit but if you have any more, please feel free to whack them my way in the comments section.New York Planning
  6. My Night with RegMy Night WIth Reg Tickets
    On Thursday I took my Ma to see the matinee of My Night With Reg, currently playing at the Apollo on Shaftesbury Avenue. I managed to get my mitts on two of the £10 Donmar Barclays Front Row tickets (released at 10am every Monday morning) and we were sat in a box just to the side of the stage. Whilst the view is sliiiiiiightly restricted from a box, I fucking love sitting in them. ALL THE LEG ROOM, space to put your stuff and you’re right next to the loo, which, when a play is two hours with no interval is tres important. The play was GREAT, super funny with a stonkingly good cast and full frontal male nudity which is always a plus. Who doesn’t love a bit of cock on a Thursday lunchtime? Do go and see it, it’s a really stellar revival of a British classic.
  7. Honest Burger
    Before clapping our eyes on Julian Ovenden’s wang, Mum and I went to munch massive burgers at Honest. This thing was as big as my head (the burger, not Mr Ovenden’s wang), perfectly pink in  the middle, dripping with cheese and bacon, all accompanied by rosemary-seasoned chips and shattering onion rings. #summerbody #cleaneating

    All washed down with a a slurp of this gin-apple-cucumber-lemon lovely. Green juice? DO ONE. Nutribullet-to-the-head.HOnest Cocktail at Honest Burger

  8. An audio tape of Fantastic Mr Fox
    Because I am a cute vintage babe and also the only person on the planet who still drives a car with a tape deck, I like to scour charity shops for old cassettes to play. I wind down the windows and cruise around town looking like a G whilst old recordings of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and Dad’s Army blare out. This week’s gem was a recording of Roald Dahl reading The Magic Finger, The Enormous Crocodile and Fantastic Mr Fox. Having listened to it, I was crying with laughter at the bit where they raid Bunce’s Cider Farm, and pretty much, all get totally smashed on scrumpy. WHAT LADS! Even the baby fox. Turns out, Fantastic Mr Fox is a hard hitting look at underage drinking, who knew?!

    Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

    Yeah, yeah Badger, it’s “Medicine.” That seems like a totally legit and not at all shady excuse for getting wasted on cider daily.

  9. Oh My Deer
    Ordered some FRESH new stationary from this lovely website who work with illustrators to create funny, whimsical, unusual bits and bobs, because I’m well gay for notebooks. Snaffled these lovely cards too, ready to stuff with glitter and decorate with goggly eyes and send out to my loved ones. I LOVE SENDING POST.Ohh Deer Cards
  10. GinInATins.
    Because we should always be thankful for GinInATins.Gin in a tin

How has your fortnight been? What grand plans await you this weekend?

Happy Friday Everyone!
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