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February 2015

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Friday Feeling

Here’s ten good things from this week that have all contributed to this BITCHING FRIDAY FEELING AMMA RIGHT LAYDEEZ? (And gents of course, I love all you male BHB readers too, especially when you continue to read after all the gin and period chat). 1. THE KING’S BIRTHDAY. When I say the King, I clearly mean my Dad. He is the bloody king of men. ALL WHO GREET HIM SHARE IN HIS GLORY and so we celebrated his day of birth with a slap up meal (that incidentally he paid for. Cheers  ...

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Rocket, Holborn

Given that I spend A LOT of time at the theatre, it’s always good to expand one’s knowledge of places to munch in theatreland that won’t BREAK THE BANK. Last week, the lovely lot at Rocket in Holborn invited me and other theatre blogging babes Rebecca and West-End Wilma to have a crack at their menu. As well as their signature pizza menu, they also offer a blend of food inspired by global trends and flavours.¬†AND WE SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD! p.s sorry for the grainy pictures,  ...

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Today I am TWO!

  HELLO LOVELY BLOG READERS! Today marks TWO WHOLE YEARS since I started rambling and shouting here on Bloody Hell Brennan. COR THAT’S GONE QUICK HASN’T IT?! I have LOVED blogging over the last couple of years, so much more than I ever thought I would, and more people have read it than I EVER thought would so THANK YOU. Thank you for clicking, reading, sharing, commenting, tweeting and just being really great humans really. To hear that something I’ve scribbled has  ...

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