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(A Late) Friday Feeling


Here’s the shiz that’s made this last week BITCHING. This post was supposed to go out on Friday, but I’m a bell and forgot. WHOOPS. SOZ.

1. A sweet sweet Valentines Day. I know people whinge about it but I LIKE IT despite still being a single one. My Dad made me dippy eggs with marmite soldiers, I reflected on having my literal broken heart mended eight years ago on Valentines Day (I have a heart condition and had an operation on it at Great Ormond Street on Valentines Day- shit I got a lot of flowers that year) I spent the day/evening drinking and cooking some delicious food I was sent from Marley Spoon (full review to follow as soon as I get my shit together) with my best girls. YES TO LOVE DAY.

Marley Spoon Food Box


2. Having a lovely reminisce about the cabaret I put on last Valentine’s Day with the help and support of some of my best ones. That was one of the best nights of my little life.

3. Opening night of the show I’m currently in, Ordinary Days which is showing at the Rosemary Branch util the 28th Feb. It’s super cute, lovely writing, and we’ve had some LOVELY reviews, so do come and see us! Here’s our wee trailer:

Ordinary Days- Feb 18th-28th At Rosemary Branch Theatre

4. Having a cute wee JAUNT about the shops with Mother Hen and buying some jolly nice additions to add to my wardrobe. Have a gander at these Matalan lovelies:

Cream Fluffy Gilet- £20.00, Fluffy Black Floral Jumper - £20.00, Blue Embellished Jumper- £12.50

Cream Fluffy Gilet- £20.00, Fluffy Black Floral Jumper – £20.00, Blue Embellished Jumper- £12.50

I also made a (potentially rash) decision to buy a pair of leather skinnies from H&M. To be fair, there are probably more flattering items that I could encase my huge hips and sizeable arse in but I literally give zero fucks because I love them and feel like a badass in them, plus you know #effyourbeautystandards and all that. p.s bye forever Zara I’ll call you when you start making clothes for women with tits and hips.

5. Being interviewed about blogging and acting and everything in between on Soho Radio for the Whats Off stage Show. I didn’t swear so you know, GREAT, but I did call myself a tit and commend Kenneth Branagh for his performance in Harry Potter. Also Soho Radio is SO COOL! It’s housed in a little hole in the wall on Great Windmill Street, and it’s a coffee shop-come live radio station. EXCELLENT. Do pop in if you’re wandering around Soho to grab a coffee and have a live listen! You can listen to the show again here:

Soho Radio


With Nina Davis, the show’s host and Paul Boyd, writer and director, my fellow guest on the What’s Off Stage Show

6. Holing up in Foyle’s Cafe for the morning to catch up on admin and blog posts. One of my faaaaaaavourite book shops jus got more exciting because they serve SQUARE CRUMPETS (or should I say squmpets) with crunchy peanut butter. PB and all the books?! I’m moving in.



7. Writing cards and sending them to my pals in the post as a little surprise is one of my favourite things to do. And because I am a huge loser I like to decorate the envelopes with all manner of stickers PLUS insert sequins or glitter into the card so that when they open it it goes everywhere because that’s funny. In the wonderful ‘Ikea of the High Street’, Tiger, I found a whole batch of new stickers and insertable items (heheheheh) to adorn my snail mail. If I have your address look out for some googly eyes and glitter on it’s way to you soon.

Oh and also, Tiger also have the best name for Blu-Tak I’ve ever seen:



8. My lovely theatre academy performing their Spring Showcase, all based around ‘Alice In Wonderland’. They are one of the things I am most proud of, and seeing how their confidence has SOARED since we launched last January is just amazing and makes me tingle. ALL THE FEELINGS.



Yes, 'Drama Teacher Katie' is my full name.

Yes, ‘Drama Teacher Katie’ is my full name.

9. Finishing ‘Shantaram’. Ah man whatta read! I mean at nearly 1000 pages, this is one GIRTHY TOME, but it’s ace. Gripping, poetic, epic, tumultuous- it’s got it all. If you haven’t read it, it’s based on the events that happened to the author, Gregory David Roberts, after he escaped from an Australian prison in 1980 and fled to India where he lived in a slum in Bombay. What follows is a trip to an Indian village, a love story, a stint in an Indian prison, the Bombay mafia, Bollywood movies, a war in Afghanistan and a dancing bear called Kano. If you’re looking for a read that will suck you in, lose yourself in this. YEAH.

don't even pretend you don't have bookmark envy

don’t even pretend you don’t have bookmark envy

10. This picture of my favourite pup in the world, Minnie, straight after her bathtime.

I cannot even

I cannot even

And this picture of a pug dressed as Dorothy. You’re welcome.

I know

I know

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m off to do a little matinee of the show, DO COME and see it, we’re on until next Saturday! I’ll endeavour to be a bit more on time with the Friday Feeling next week (trying to be cute and be a bit more ‘bloggy’ in my quest to take over the world, and appaz scheduled posts are the done thing. Who knew?!)

What are you up to on this lovely, lazy Sunday?


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