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Friday Feeling

Here’s ten good things from this week that have all contributed to this BITCHING FRIDAY FEELING AMMA RIGHT LAYDEEZ? (And gents of course, I love all you male BHB readers too, especially when you continue to read after all the gin and period chat).

1. THE KING’S BIRTHDAY. When I say the King, I clearly mean my Dad. He is the bloody king of men. ALL WHO GREET HIM SHARE IN HIS GLORY and so we celebrated his day of birth with a slap up meal (that incidentally he paid for. Cheers lad. p.s someone pay me) at Chez Mumtaj, Indian-French Fusion place of dreams. I wrote about this joint here before and it’s genuinely one of the best restaurants I have EVER been to, even though it’s (*screeeeeam*) outside of London.

Brennan Men

Excellent Brennan Men

2. THE QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY. When I say the Queen, I clearly mean my Mum. She is the blooming Queen of women. So to celebrate HER birthday (she’s actually older than my Dad, cute of her to take a young lover) we went to sup a few pints overlooking the river at The Founders Arms and to see Assassins at the Menier Chocolate Factory (which I’ll tell you about in another post but here’s a spoiler: IT WAS FUCKING GREAT).

Assassins at The Menier Chocolate Factory

3. Seeing Mr Swallow: The Musical at Soho Theatre. Again, I’ll talk more about this but let’s just say I may or may not have snorted cider through my nose it was that funny. Thank Christ I wasn’t with a date. (hahahahahaha lol as if.)

Mr Swallow The Musical

4. A BANGING egg curry. Now listen, I know. It doesn’t sound all that. But STONE THE CROWS it was a TREAT. BOILED EGG CURRY?! I’ll admit it’s not the sexiest sounding grub (“Hi Darling. What are you making for our romantic Valentines dinner?” “BOILED EGG CURRY.” *sees passion withering up and dying forever*) but I mean you’ve got eggs, good, rice good, curry GOOD.

5. Delivery from My Little Box. I know there’s a billion of these subscription boxes around but I am a bit in love with this one. It’s always so thoughtfully put together with a theme, and combines beauty products with little lifestyle gifts, all with beautiful packaging and illustrations. This month’s offering was all on the theme of ‘My Little Frenchie Box’, and the treats inside comprised of: A j’adorable bottle of positive messages for the morning, a BEAUT smartphone case (which actually I’m going to use to store all the receipts I shove WILLY NILLY into my bag in an attempt to make tax not taxing ha ha ha), L’Oreal Brow Plumper (to get strong brow game), My Little Beauty Face Tint (lighter than foundation, more than moisturiser), DHC Oil Blotting Sheets (these are a bloody godsend when you’re on the move) and an amazing Terry Eyeliner in Bronze-Black that just DOES NOT BUDGE as well as the usual scrummy mix of stickers, magazines and illustrations.

My Little Frenchie Box Messages in a Bottle

Messages in a Bottle

Messages in a bottle.

My Little Beauty Face Tint Loreal Brow Plumper My LIttle Smartphone Case My Little Box- UK Edition

6. A new phone case. I’m just a bloody sucker for silly phone cases. I’ve got quite the collection now. Life’s just too short for boring things.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game

7. Having my headshots taken with the imitable Darren Bell. Having new headshots done is such a fucking trauma, but if you’re looking for a LOVELY experience, this guy is where it’s at. He was at the BAFTAs on Sunday taking photos. On Sunday, Julie Walters/Felicity Jones/Eddie Redmayne, on Tuesday ME. Peaks and troughs kids, peaks and troughs.

8. Hosting the VoiceLab Schools’ SingOut at the Southbank Centre on Thursday. Being freelance is pretty cool sometimes because you get to do random days here and there which are super cool and exciting. On Thursday I was asked to host an event at the Southbank Centre where primary schools had all prepared choirs with songs to sing, which they came to perform. In between each choir, I then had to teach songs to the small ones, play games and generally keep A LOT of children and teachers entertained. I think I got away with it. LET MEEEE BRENNTERTAIN YOU!

Imagine Children's Festival at the Southbank Centre VoiceLab Schools' SingOut

9. This new gin. It’s YIKES strong.

Pickerings Gin


And these baby gins because cute.

Miniature Gin


10. Having a piece I wrote for Surviving Actors being printed in their event programme. Surviving Actors is a big actors trade show with stalls, seminars, classes, forums etc all in one helpful place, and they contacted me last year to commission a piece about being an actor for the programme. Which was COOL. As much as I love life online, it was pretty tingly to see actual words I wrote printed on actual pages. Along with a massive photo of me- HI MY FACE.

Surviving Actors Programme

11. (I know I said ten but I’m a massive liar and my pants are on fire.) These new stationary items from the AMAZING La La Land. I can’t even.

mean girls pencils

Mean Girls pencils. So fetch.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Notebook

I have a girlcrush on my notebook.

The cutest pocket mirror.

The cutest pocket mirror.




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