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February 2015


25 Thoughts Girls Have During Bad Sex

1. Neck kissing = greaaaaaat. Salvia slug trail on my neck = grooooooosssssss. 2. I wonder if he realises when he breathes into my ear in that ‘sexy’ way, it sounds like Darth Vader having a wank. 3. Heyyyyy my nipples are not chew toys bro.¬†Easy Fido. 4. Also, my tits are actually attached to my body just FYI. And they’re not bread dough either. EASY ON THE KNEADING. 5. What are you trying to do?! Tune into Jazz FM via my nipples?! 6. Oh yeah surrrrre, suddenly trying to  ...

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Cooking with Marley Spoon

I really love cooking. Especially for other people. In a lot of ways, cooking is a lot like performing. You put together your show, present it to an audience and if it’s good, they make appreciative noises and if you’re lucky you might even get a round of applause at the end. But with every good will in the world, sometimes cooking just isn’t that practical. Especially in these busy whirlwind lives that my chums and I all seem to lead. Sometimes we’re lucky if we  ...

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(A Late) Friday Feeling

HI HUNS Here’s the shiz that’s made this last week BITCHING. This post was supposed to go out on Friday, but I’m a bell and forgot. WHOOPS. SOZ. 1. A sweet sweet Valentines Day. I know people whinge about it but I LIKE IT despite still being a single one. My Dad made me dippy eggs with marmite soldiers, I reflected on having my literal broken heart mended eight years ago on Valentines Day (I have a heart condition and had an operation on it at Great Ormond Street on  ...

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A Trio of Bloody Great Theatre

Over the last two weeks I’ve had the absolute pleasure of slapping my eyes on some TOP NOTCH theatre. All three shows were tip-top and couldn’t have been more different in style, tone and subject matter. First up was a trip down to the Old Vic to catch Daniel Kitson’s Tree.¬†Kitson is one of the best stand up comics out there, but this offering from his pen is chuffing great too. Starring just him and fellow (also fantastic) stand up Tim Key, the duo’s comic timing,  ...

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