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January 2015

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Humble Grape

If you’ve ever read any of my posts, tweets or have spent five minutes in my company, you’ll know that my drink of choice is a massive gin. HECK my whole blog design is based around the stuff fa crying out loud (p.s still waiting for a gin company to offer to sponsor me. Just sayyyyying). I’m also massively partial to a beer, which is what my first ever blog post was about, way back when I was a pure and innocent (ha) blogging newcomer. However, a few years ago I also  ...

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On Women

We do not all have huge, voluminous hair. We do not all have HD brows. We don’t all have smooth skin, free of wrinkles and spots and blemishes. Our eyelashes are not all sweeping and long. Our noses are not always perfectly buttony and our lips are not always beestung and full. Our cheeks don’t always have a natural pink flush, nor are we all always a perfect flattering shade of tan. We do not all have symmetrical ‘beautiful’ faces. We do not all have beautiful  ...

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Grimm Tales at The OXO Tower

Some stories are just forever fascinating. The yarns from the mouths of the Brothers Grimm are such, constantly being retold, rejuvenated and reimagined. The version currently playing at The Bargehouse under the direction of Philip Wilson combines and stunning design and great ensemble work all dancing round the strong core of excellent storytelling. The Bargehouse (part of the OXO Tower Complex),has been transformed into a majestically macabre immersive theatre experience. Audiences are  ...

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Thoughts you have when wondering to text him back

omg he has text me first I am the queen of all things sex and woman. sweet CHRIST I am funny  he is fucking LOVING it I’m totally not reading into this because I’m so cool and breezy as fuck but IMAGINE if we actually got together, wouldn’t that make a good story?! still so naht reading into it because I am SO caj I’m living in the Caj Mahal but also my name + his last name = SMILEY FACE EMOJI RED DRESS DANCING LADY EMOJI actually bloody hell no, his last name is  ...

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