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Things I learned in 2015

In ┬áthis little nugget of time between Christmas and New Years, I always end up reflecting on the year, flicking through my diary from the last twelve months and reminding myself of things I’ve done and experienced. So I thought, once again, I’d share with you the things I’ve learned this year. Here we go: If you are in an unhappy relationship and flirt with the idea of rescue when you have absolutely no intention of being saved it is heart-breaking, selfish and  ...

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Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Female Health (and a Giveaway!)

Right, let’s talk about vaginas for a minute shall we? Sorry lads, this one is for the CHICAS! I recently had a spot of bother ‘down there’, which PRAISE BE is all cleared up now. It was totally out of the blue, nothing I’d caused from being promiscuous (chance’d be a fine thing) and it was nothing serious and super easy to treat. BUT it was also painful, uncomfortable and made me feel SOOOOO EMBARRASSED AND UNCLEAN X 100000. So I decided to write a blog about  ...

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Dinner at The Vaults with Tabl

Sometimes I get stuck in a dinner rut. So often when I’m plotting with my pals where we should spend our hard earned pennies on dinner, we often end up in Pizza Express clutching a voucher, mainly due to lack of inspiration. However, this looks all set to change dramatically with the launch of! This awesome new website is THE website to visit to find pop-up restaurants and supper clubs, making booking a total breeze ensuring that you and your hungry chums slurp, sup and munch  ...

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Christmas Outfit with George at Asda

OKAY NOW IT IS DECEMBER I CAN OFFISH GET EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS! It’s true, it’s true, I’m in rehearsals for panto (oh yes I am), I’ve had a mug of mull, I’ve whacked up a big loads of fairy lights and I’ve pretty much committed to not shaving my legs until March (COME GET ME BOYS). I BLOOMING LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love the tinsel, the tat, the glitter and the gluttony. I love trees blooming with baubles, hearing ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ as I  ...

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