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November 2014

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The AmsterDAM Busters!

Ooh there’s just nothing more I enjoy than a good city break. Having had such a good time jaunting about Berlin earlier in the year, I jetted off for a cheeky little trip as a final fling before knuckling down  to the glittery grind of Panto-land that begins at the end of this month. TO AMSTERDAM! Land of tulips, clogs, red lights and the sweet sweet haze! After a eye-wateringly early start (3.30 am is not fun unless you’re off your tits somewhere surrounded by a rowdy bunch of  ...

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How to: Survive a Dance Call

In this new HOW TO series on Bloody Hell Brennan, I’ll be occasionally sharing my vast wisdom about the showbiz industry, hopefully passing on useful tips to fellow performers. In this first  one, I examine How To Survive a Dance Call. The phone rings. It’s your agent. ‘FINALLY,’ you think, ‘IT’S NOW! MY BIG BREAK I S FAST APPROACHING.’ “You’ve got an audition tomorrow at 11am. It’s for the West-End show you’ve dreamt of being in ever since you were in the womb.”  ...

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Afternoon Tea at Luton Hoo

Beautiful, lavish and elegant are not words traditionally used to describe Luton. In truth, my birth town has a pretty bad rep, having won some less than pride making awards including ‘Worst Town Award 2004’. WICKED. But also, it birthed ME so it can’t be all bad eh?! Additionally, just a mere hop, skip and a jump away from London, on the outskirts of Luton, lies the gorgeous Luton Hoo. Once owned by diamond magnate Sir Julius Wernher it’s now a stunning hotel, spa  ...

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Terror and Wonder at The British Library

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never seen a single dud exhibition at the British Library. In my humble opinion, they’re always fascinating, with faultless attention to detail and lovely quirks, twists and turns to delight every visitor. As an English Lit graduate and the president of a (booze-guzzling and sweary) book club (we’re called THE BOOKIE MONSTERS!), the British Library is about as good as it gets for me. This season their main exhibition is called  ...

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