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Snarky Puppy at The Roundhouse

All other bands can quit now, because Snarky Puppy definitely win the all time prize for best band name ever. SNARKY PUPPY! If you haven’t heard of these dudes, you need to stop what you’re doing immediately and check them out. Here’s a starter:


So, they’re  collective of tip-top musicians, the majority of whom graduated form the University of North Texas and they travel the world delivering their brand of jazz fusion all under the leadership of bassist and composer Michael League. There’s a couple of Grammy awards thrown in there along the way too, just for good measure!

We were well excited when we heard they were playing the Roundhouse in Camden as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival. Gathering up some of our best pals, we all met in the foyer and began the evening with a few beverages, all chatting excitedly about the show. There was a PROPER buzz in the air.




brennansontour.jpg joeatkins.jpg

If you’re put off by the word ‘jazz’ honestly, don’t be. This lot blend a heady musical brew of jazz, r’n’b, big band with a dash of Gospel. The crowd were going ABSOLUTELY MAD. Sadly, we spent a bit too long gabbling away in the foyer, catching up with each other’s news and gossip, so we were at a slight disadvantage being right at the back of the crowd. Though saying that, it did mean we had space to dance, AND we were right by the bar, so you know, swings and roundabouts.

I’m going to start including a few little video blogs on the site because, hey, why not. (I’m like Zoella but drunk. DRUNKZOELLA) so here’s a little taster of the gig. Ten points when you spot the excellent Dad dancing on display.

After the gig we felt like our eardrums and hearts had been PUNCHED but in a GOOD WAY. Full of admiration and chatting NON STOP about how BRILLIANT they are, we made our way out.




The Roundhouse is truly an amazing venue, it’s just so bloody cool and I’ve rarely seen it so alive as I have with this gig.

In fact, this photo sums it up:

Photo by Emile Holba

Photo by Emile Holba

Next time they’re in London, PROMISE ME YOU’LL COME?! I’ll be the one doing chumpy Dad Dancing at the back.


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