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La Soiree at The Spiegeltent

Well here’s a cheeky little treat!

Last week I toddled down to the Spiegeltent, located in the middle of the Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival. I’m SO glad this outdoor space has been kept open into the winter, it’s one of my favourite spots during the Summer when the Underbelly is there. However, this time it looks very different. It’s been transformed into a maze of little wooden huts, selling all manner of festive fare, from mulled wine to some excellent culinary treats. I had a Mac and Cheese Sandwich and nearly had sex with it. But I decided to eat it instead.


There’s even an indoor Rekorderlig bar (though, for my money, being a CIDER CONNOISSEUR and all that, I’d skip that and head to the real food market round the back of the Royal Festival Hall and visit the Burrow Hill Farm stall for a bottle of their own cloudy cider- £8 for two litres).


But anyway, we weren’t there to get smashed on the cloudy goodness, we were there to feast our eyes on LA SOIREE! 


If you’ve never been inside the Spiegeltent before, it’s worth the trip just for that. A large travelling wooden tent, complete with a big top and with walls covered in stained glass and mirrors, it’s just an awesome performance venue.



La Soiree describes itself as a “theatrical phenomenon, a unique and inspirational night of live entertainment…heady cocktail of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary variety is more potent than ever.” And I mean they’re NOT LYING! We were utterly amazed at the appearance of each incredible act. This truly is the best of the best in the cabaret/circus world. The spiegeltent was deafening with whoops and cheers as each performance came to an end. 

The English Gents, a duo of dynamic acrobats made us gasp at their strength (and massive arms hiiiiiiiiii guys) whilst they read newspapers and puffed pipes, Marcus Monroe made us giggle with his comedy/juggling routine, Tanya Gagne titillated and teased on the trapeze, Jess Love got us in whirl with her amazing hula hoop act, geeky Jonathan Burns proved his astounding flexibility in his contortionist performance, Asher Treleaven made us absolutely WEEP with laughter as the Sexual Gentleman (SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE), David and Fofo did unspeakable things with ping pong balls, Ursula Martinez did similarly unspeakable things with handkerchiefs and Puddles Pity Party showcased his incredibly sonorous vocal prestige. IT WAS AMAZING.


Puddle Pity Party


Oh yeah, and I met my phone cover:


Hahahaha his name is Scotty the Blue Bunny, the most outrageous, spandex-clad, towering blue bunny you’ll ever meet.

It’s thrilling, shocking, funny and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. I genuinely can’t recommend it enough! All the way through the show, the bar stays open, and the audience are encouraged to make use of it, so the vibe is really relaxed. The tickets are split into tiers, ranging from the cheapy standing tickets (£15), ringside seats (£32.50), booth seats around the side (£47.50-PERFECT for a group outing), and the VIP table seats that come with table service (£67.50)! LUXURY.

We had a stonkingly good night out, and babbled about it all the way to the station. DO GO! Oh, and wandering down the Southbank, I couldn’t help but think, it was beginning to look a lot like…..




La Soiree runs at the Spiegeltent until January 11th.
For more information and tickets visit the website here.

Many thanks to Official Theatre for the ticket. You are babes. 


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