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The Soho Grind

My vices in life are pretty simple. Give me a good coffee in the morning and a glass of something stronger in the evening and I’m happy. So you can imagine how I REJOICED at the prospect of spending the evening somewhere that has expertly blended the two. THE SOHO GRIND. 


Back in June, a bunch of rowdy theatre bloggers got together for a ginfused meet up to chat about websites, traffic, theatre and gin at Central and Co and this was the venue for our second outing. The Soho Grind is the sister of the Shoreditch Grind, and retains the same awesome atmosphere of it’s older sibling in the heart of town. From the frontage on Beak Street, it looks like an old fashioned movie theatre but step inside and you’ll be greeted with excellent coffee, delicious things to munch and a stonkingly good cocktail menu (POSSIBLY the best espresso martini in town if you ask me.)


It’s always going to be a good night when the moment you walk into a room a saucer of prosecco is thrust into your hand isn’t it? Supping the fizz and munching on a few cheese and meat board, we all stood about catching up on life and what we’d been seeing recently, before heading downstairs into the basement bar for a round of those famous espresso martinis and a cocktail making challenge.

oh I just LOVE a champagne SAUCER.

oh I just LOVE a champagne SAUCER.

sohogrind.jpeg ldntheatreblogger.jpg


Apparently, the espresso martini was invented in the 90s when a supermodel reportedly asked a bartender for something that would “wake me up, then fuck me up.” She sounds like my kind of gal.

Now, I’m not a sporty kind of gal. But I do get weirdly competitive when ALCOHOL and PUNS are involved. So I volunteered to be the mixologist for my team as they yelled ingredients at me to create a theatrical coffee based cocktail. GUYS I WAS SO STRESSED. But, we successfully blended some sort of coffee/cherry based badboy, and topped it off with an aptly theatrical title- Starlight Espresso. (Twiddles moustache nonchalantly, takes a bow, thanks guys.)




To calm ourselves from the stress we settled down with more cocktails and a chat about all things tech with the guys from new theatre venture, Seatplan. The first website of its kind, it offers thousands of seat reviews across London, posted by theatre-goers, for theatre-goers. So, for example, there’s details of what the view is like, what the leg room is like (really important if like me, you’re often booking tickets for blokes over 6 foot- my brother is 6’6 and leg room is a constant ball-ache when it comes to seeing stuff) and whether the seat is worth the price you pay. The idea is for theatre goers to share little gems of seats- you know how sometimes the box office will sell cheaper ‘restricted view’ seats and when you actually get there, it’s totally fine and you’ve saved a bunch of money? LIKE THAT! Top idea in my opinion. Do go and check it out, it’s free to sign up and pop your own seat reviews on there!

Also I love the Seatplan guys because they announced that my team WON  THE COCKTAIL COMPETITION! Check out the swag:



Full of jubilant celebration, we clinked our glasses whilst enjoying a set of gorgeous live music from Bity Booker before rounding off the evening with more laughter, giant cookies and promises of theatre dates. It’s nice when networking doesn’t feel like networking, but actually just people getting together and sharing some LOVE.

ldntheatrebloggers.jpeg sohogrindmenu.jpeg

HOORAY! Thanks Official Theatre for organising such a successful night! Though perhaps the biggest success of the evening was managing not to fall over in these:


THEY’RE HIGH (p.s I know I need a pedi sorry)


The Soho Grind
19 Beak Street

Tel: 020 7287 7073
Twitter: @sohogrind

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