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Fright Night- ‘Ghost Stories’ at The Arts Theatre


Time for another guest post, courtesy of my chum Victoria Savva. This time, I sent her along with our other pal Abbie  to attend a special Halloween themed event in the hope they might find love (or you know, at least get a bit of action).

Here’s how it went down.



Three of the most terrifying words in the Oxford English Dictionary that strike fear in to the heart of many a hun are the following…”HOW’S SINGLE LIFE?!” It’s an imperative so imposing but at the same time so coy and unsuspecting that even the most ballsy babe can’t help but blush when the answer remains unashamedly the same – “Yeah barren thanks….what are you having for lunch?” It’s the Jeremy Kyle of all speech acts; blunt, irritating but unfortunately unavoidable. Guys, I’m not a hopeless romantic don’t get me wrong, but as a newly-found single hun in the big bad city, sometimes it’s a bit of scary place!

(sorry Bey, but not everyone is as buff as you my hun)

(sorry Bey, but not everyone is as buff as you my hun)

Cue on its noble steed galloping valiantly in to the valley of singlehood – HURRAH! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a bit sceptical of online dating. I mean, I can pretty much make conversation with a stone from Stonehenge, but put me in front of a meteorite with no real ying to my yang then I’m pretty much a mute. So, that’s why the clever chaps at have set up these events in which lonely hearts meet face to face, in all their glory!

Not one to shy away from a challenge, myself and a fellow single hun were invited to review one of these delightful events last week on behalf of bloodyhellbrennan(cheers Miss B!) (Editor’s note- You’re lits welcome guys.). Now, I’m not gonna lie – I was pretty nervous! WHAT IF I MET THE ABSOLUTE LOVE OF MY LIFE!? And to add to my nerves came the self-explanatory (and pretty true to life) event title “FRIGHT NIGHT!” (again, cheers Brennan….) (Editor’s note- mwohahahahaha). But basically what this event aimed to do was bring together lots of lovely single hunz in a fun and relaxed environment in the hope that the embers of love would be soon be ignited <3.

On this delicious occasion, the night was in association with Ghost Stories – the  critically-acclaimed West-End production aimed principally at getting the ole’ hearts a racing (but seriously kids, don’t go if you have a weak ticker!)


So, gin-laden and with high hopes of meeting a Gerard Butler lookalike, myself and my hun went to meet our team of fellow single revellers in a chosen Leicester Square location…

(advancing down the stairway to heavhun - GET IT?!)

advancing down the stairway to heavhun – GET IT?!

Upon arrival we were treated to a complimentary cocktail of Sex on the Beach (, you rogues you!) and were then swept away by a surge of lovely folk – WHAT AN EARTH WAS THERE TO BE WORRIED ABOUT?!

So the first thing that was great was the food. Ask me if there were ribs, ask me if there were dips, ask me if there were onion rings…YES GUYS I CAN CONFIRM, THERE WERE ALL THREE AND MUCH MUCH MORE (Summer bod 2015 here I come). This was enough to initially win over my heart, but then we found ourselves indulged in conversation with a lovely chap called Marvin who explained how he came to these events all the time (Go on Marvin the boy!) I couldn’t help but feel a great sense of admiration for good ole’ Marv, especially compared to my pre-jitter nerves! So, as we delved in to more chips and dips, and the Gordon’s began to flow, the atmosphere eased and it was off to the theatre we went/rolled!

dipping 'ell

dipping ‘ell

being cute and social

being cute and social

it's a match, surely?!

it’s a match, surely?!

Now I’m not gonna lie, I’m not quite sure what I was more nervous for – walking in to a room of 100 strangers, or sitting for two hours in a production based solely on the paranormal…needless to say it was the latter! In all my romantic encounters, I’ve never been clutched so tightly in my life ( you clever things!). Unfortunately this was by my companion and not by a Gerard Butler lookalike BUT needless to say the whole thing was a whirlwind of emotions!

a lovely mannequin

a lovely mannequin

It was all very adrenaline-fuelled, interspersed with brief and flirtatious moments of placidness – believe me, I’ve never heard so many damsels in distress! And with every twist and turn of the ghoulish plot cupid’s arrow came launching down (unfortunately on this occasion, the only thing that came launching down on myself was my companion’s G&T as she tried to hide her face from the prying eyes of a nearby clown). After our ‘ordeal’, we were then kindly consoled with free entry to the bar next door to help steady our nerves for the long trip home.


Now, I’m gonna be honest – on this occasion it wasn’t quite my turn to meet Mr Right/Gerard, but needless to say it was great to see how the event brought together loads of different hunz who otherwise wouldn’t have met each other! So, here’s to Marv and the next event – well done chaps!

Over and out, The Hunz xxxx

Over and out, The Hunz xxxx

Ghost Stories runs at The Arts Theatre until 15th January 2015.
For more information and tickets, visit the website here.

For more information about events, visit the website here.

Bloody Hell Brennan was a guest of and Ghost Stories. All opinions, reviews and content (unless otherwise specified) are Bloody Hell Brennans’s own and are 100% honest.

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