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Pub Pondering: The Euston Tap/The Cider Tap

Unless you’ve genuinely been living under a rock or a pebble or some other igneous-based den for the past year, you’ll have noticed that the Craft Beer revolution is in FULL SWING. Beer is shaking off its flat-cap wearing CAMRA grandaddy appearance and is being reclaimed by young, groovy dudes who are genuinely passionate about brewing (did you know there’s a FOUR YEAR beer brewing degree at Heriot Watt now?!) and setting up mini micro breweries all over the city.

However, if you think that you need to dive into some back-alley bar in some pokey corner of East Lahndahn to experience said crafty delights, YOU’D BE MISTAKEN MEIN LIEBLINGS. Right in front of Euston Station two old Victorian gatehouses harbour two of the most delicious bars in all the land. On one side, the Euston Tap, specialising in a whole range of cask and keg beer and on t’other, the Cider Tap, London’s only dedicated cider bar.

eustontap.jpeg eustontap.jpeg


These two study stone shacks form part of the old station, built way before American hops became all the rage back in the 1830s and tower up high above as you stroll past to get a spec. Given that both bars are COMPACT to say the least, we made the most of the waning September sunshine and opted for an out of doors perch. Once inside, there is a snug little seating area on the first floor, though to reach it you practically have to clamber up the steep, wrought iron spiral staircase on all fours (sorry everyone who saw my knickers), which does become somewhat precarious after a few pints of the strong stuff.

Look at those lovely ladies enjoying their beer

Look at those lovely ladies enjoying their beer

eustontapbeer.jpg eustontap.jep

Tricky as aping up those stairs are, it’s an easy task compared to the task of choosing your beer. At the bar, all the taps offering an INCREDIBLE selection are along the back bar, set into a gleaming strip of copper. Luckily the staff are all very knowledgeable about the brews on offer, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t choose, or don’t feel you know what you’re talking about when it comes to beer (I am the same with wine. I sniff it so I look like I know what I’m on about but I’m ABSOLUTELY WINGING IT MATE!), they are there to help and advise. HANDILY they keep their full list of whats on tap updated at their blog here. LOOK AT THAT LOVELY LIST!

eustontapbackbar.jpg beertastingwheel.jpg eustontap.jpeg eustontap.jpeg

If you prefer to do your quaffing direct from the bottle, two huge fridges on either side of the bar are groaning with a hugely eclectic choice of the bottled stuff. There’s all sorts lurking in here, stuff from Germany, the tremendously successful pale ales from the USA which LEAP with hops, your traditional Belgian treats and bits and bobs from all over Europe. There’s 150 on offer. No seriously. One hundred and fifty beers to get your smackers round.

eustontapfridge.jpeg eustontapfridge.jpg

If you do get in the mood for something sweeter, do hop (HA!!) across the road to grab a glass from The Cider Tap too. They have 8 ciders on draught, 5 still varieties and bottled cider from all over the UK and France. I can thoroughly recommend a slurp of Hogan’s Dry Cider  if you’re after a cup of the cloudy stuff. I’ve met ALLEN HOGAN the magician behind this magnificent Malvern-based cider and he is not only A JOLLY LOVELY CHAP but also his passion for cider shines through every pint.


So whether you’re early for a train out of Euston, or just want to stretch those pint loving legs, get yourself down there, it’s properly great to see a railway pub with a bit of soul and character. EUSTON TAP I LOVE YOU AND ALSO I LOVE YOU CIDER TAP IN EQUAL MEASURES BECAUSE YOU ARE GREAT TOO! See you soon- mine’s a Hogan’s.



The Euston Tap
190 Euston Road

Tel: 020 3137 8837
Twitter: @eustontap


  1. Allen Hogan

    September 22, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Katie, thanks for your kind words, very pleasing to hear from customers. Thanks for making the effort. Allen

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      September 28, 2014 at 11:40 am

      Not at all, as a Year Out Drama Alumni I always pounce on a pint of Hogan’s whenever I see it! Hooray! x

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