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It can be jolly difficult to really put your stamp on your home when you’re renting, can’t it? Given that London rental prices continue to swell and groan, the idea of actually BUYING somewhere to live is fast becoming an actual dream for us young Londoners. And so we continue to make our bank balances roll their eyes in despair as we shell out yet more astronomically hight rent for somewhere that doesn’t actually belong to us. All this means of course, that it can be tricky to make a rented place feel like a home, as you don’t often get a say in the decor or the furniture. Now I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute bugger for prettying up whatever rented hole of London I am currently living in with anything LOVELY I can lay my little mitts on. Blankets, fairy lights, picture frames and enough scented candles that my bedroom would annihilate LUSH in the pungency factor.

So, I was DELIGHTED to learn of lovely company, The Other Duckling, who specialise in creating and sourcing a truly eclectic mix of pretty vintagey home bits and bobs! I snapped up these beauteous hand painted ceramic bowls and wasted no time in slinging some treats in them to serve up an outdoors lunch.


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IMG_2290 IMG_2316 IMG_2317 IMG_2294

And of course, what Summertime dining experience is complete without a jug (or five) of PIMMS. AND SUNFLOWERS BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW ERECT (hehehehehehe) AND BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE!!!!!!


sunflowers.jpeg pimmsbloodyhellbrennan.jpeg

This gorgeous little online boutique of home delights proffers up a wonderfully eclectic mix of homeware and gifts. The joint is run by the lovely Andrew and Erica, who in 2008 lived the bloody DREAM of all us tube dwellers and upped sticks from their city lives and jobs to the brambles and hedges of Hampshire to reinvent themselves as treasure trovians, running The Other Ducking. If Treasure Trovian isn’t a legit job title, it blooming well should be once you have a gander at the stuff here. There’s designer homeware, reinvented vintagey bits, shabby chic furniture and beeeeeauutiful knitted textiles and homemade cards. IT’S POSITIVELY A TREASURE TROVE OF DELIGHTFULNESS! I mean look at these lovely wee patterns:

isabellabowl.jpeg isabellabowl.jpeg isabellabowl.jpeg

So if you’re attempting to turn your house* into a home** do give them a click. I guarantee they’ll be delighted to hear from you. LOOK!

*tiny rented flat **less like a tiny rented flat and more like you have some control over the decor


Visit The Other Duckling at or give them a shout on twitter @otherduckling


This post is in collaboration with The Other Duckling. All opinions, reviews and content (unless otherwise specified) are Bloody Hell Brennans’s own and are 100% honest.

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  1. Hannah King

    September 1, 2014 at 2:11 pm


    This is my dream. THANK YOU.


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