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La Traviata at Soho Theatre plus a LOVELY TICKET OFFER!

I don’t know about you but I always get a bit nervous for the opera. I always get a bit worried it’s going to be very long and arduous and with a sincere lack of tap dancing (I have a huge THING for Gene Kelly). However, groovy spangly opera company Opera Up Close (them ones that did that production of La Boheme that just seemed to run and run and run) are constantly battling to jazz up opera and BREAK DOWN THOSE BLOODY BARRIERS and get folk in to slam their eyes and ears on some Opera.

ANYWAY, they’re about to open their new show next week at the Soho Theatre, a production of Verdi’s La Traviata. And my GOODNESS does it look sexy.

LaTrav_Email w Logo

The story of Violetta, a so-called ‘fallen woman’ who sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of her lover’s family and future, this production is set in the 1920s underworld of speakeasies and bootlegging and reveals the hypocrisy and heartache behind the glittering façade of parties. And don’t panic Mr Mainwaring, it’s sung in English, so you won’t need to bring your phrasebook along.

Now, listen, the lovely lot over at Soho Theatre (which by the way, has one of the best bars of any theatre I’ve been to ever, and I mean, I love theatre almost as much as I love drinking) have given Bloody Hell Brennan readers a LOVELY TICKET OFFER! JUST FOR YOU GUYS they’ve created an exclusive discount code of vintage10 which will give you £10 tickets to the show on Fri 8 Aug (normal price £29.50) when you book online! £10! What a bargain! AND THAT’S NOT ALL! From 6pm there will be a lovely 1920s themed VIP drinks reception in the bar. THAT LOVELY BAR! So hey listen, I’ll be there, why don’t you come too, and when you see me propped up on the bar wearing a flapper dress and attempting to sing a top B flat, come and say hello! Join me won’t you!

If you need any assistance planning your outfit, here’s a handy pinterest board to get you started:

So go! Grab your tickets for a tenner, a gin cocktail and as many sequins as you can find, and I’ll see you in the bar at Soho Theatre next Friday!





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