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LineUp App- SEE your city!

Recently I gave you wonderful trusty blog readers a bit ovva heads up about a groovy new app that looks set to make actors lives that gosh darn little wee bit easier. WELL this week I have ANOTHER lovely little app to tell you about! (P.s do not worry, Bloody Hell Brennan is not turning into a tech blog. I mean I’ve only just worked out how to make the font different colours on this thing. No seriously look!)

ANNNYYYYWAY you know how Tuesday (the biggest bellend of all the days) is always brightened up a little bit by receiving your free copy of Time Out at the tube? Yeah, and then you spend your normally dismal commute to work not grizzling about which spreadsheet you’re going to get balls deep into first, but flicking through this magnificent mag, reading all about the fun and interesting things to do in this wonderful city? And you make mental notes saying to oneself  “Oooooh that sounds jolly good, I’ll have to go to that event!” Or “SHIT THE BED the girls would LOVE that gig, I’ll book tickets to that!” Or “Wow that restaurant looks delicious and is also reasonably priced (ha), I’ll make sure I book a table there!” And then the minute you discard Time Out, all intentions of making the most of all the wonderful plans and places that this city spunks out on a daily basis skitter out of your head, and come the weekend, you’re back in your local Wetherspoons, dully chatting over another lukewarm beer and a burger deal.

WELL FEAR NOT LONDON LOVERS! The people behind this spangly new app, LineUp, seek to combat this.


Acting like a sort of love child between Time Out and Pinterest (the devil child of procrastination), the app allows you to search and browse listings of stuff to do, and when to do it and then when you like the look of it, you can ‘pin’ the event to your profile, so you don’t forget it! It like the virtual equivalent of having time out, cutting out the thing you want to remember and pinning it to your kitchen cork board!


the home screen

the home screen

You can browse by type of event too, so for theatre listings it is super handy! The app is in it’s early days and already plays a blinder, letting you list via date range, but I’m hoping that soon the Technological Gandalfs and Dumbledores (I.e wizards)behind it give us the option to search by budget and location as well- so when you and your pals meet in the pub and say- PRAYTELL GODS OF THE IPHONE, WHAT CULTURAL THING COULD WE DO TONIGHT ON A BUDGET OF £10 EACH?!- they can fire up LineUp and be immediately out the door and on their merry way!

If you’r’e not a London Hon do not fear! LineUp also features listings from *deep breath*: Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Leicester, Newcastle and Southampton, and are adding more all the time.

You can also follow your pals to see which events they’ve pinned too so you can team up at some glorious gatherings. It’s fab and such an easy way to hear about goings on and events you might otherwise miss, and it’s only gonna get better! OH AND IT’S ALSO FREEEEE. And I bloody love free shit. Go on, give it a download! Join me there on bloodyhellbrennan and let’s go and milk the cultural udders of London dry.



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HEY AND ALSO IT’S THE WEEKEND IN A MINUTE THAT’S GOOD ISN’T IT! Hooray!!!! I love you. Bye xxxxxxxxxxx

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