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Zappshot- A handy tool for Actors

It’s certainly true that the internet and mobile apps specifically are continuing to storm ahead in the way in which they now rule our lives. We now use apps to date, to order pizza, to shop and for entertainment. SO SURELY there must be something out there to help struggling actors and make their lives a bit easier AMMA RIGHT LAYDEEZ?

Someone showed me this week a new app technology which looks set to do just that. It’s called Zappshot, and here’s the deal.


You have a basic profile (free) and then for a couple of quid a month you can add more and more information to your profile. Now, all those casting websites that you’ve diligently subscribed to? They are all in one place here, you’ve got your Spotlight, your CCP, your Starnow and your IMDB all in one handy place. Whack in your photos and your media and you’ve got one massive bumper profile detailing ALL your good bits in fell swoop.

BUT HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM SPOTLIGHT? I hear you cry. I mean sure, we’re all busy weeping into our wallets once Spotlight has harvested it’s annual crippling subscription fees. The thing is, no-one is ever going to rival Spotlight in terms of casting listings. Others have tried valiantly but tbh, unless you have a keen interest in unpaid student films and the noble art of TIE I’m not sure CCP is actually worth the subscription fee. But what Zappshot DOES do is allow you to record your auditions from the comfort of your own smartphone, and via a PIN that’s sent over to you via the casting agent themselves, you can upload your audition then and there via the app. Plus loads of casting directors are now using it, so BONUS.

THIS IS BRILLIANT. I’m sure we’ve all been there as actors- you don’t have anything for months, so you risk it and book a holiday and the minute you’ve taken off you suddenly get a call for a fucking great audition and you’re like WHY GOD WHYYYYY TODAYYYYYY (can you tell I’m psyched to see Miss Saigon?). But with Zappshot, you can chill! SWEET you cry, lemme just find a quiet corner and I will upload the most bitching audition, and not have to worry about reducing the file size so I can email it over in time or uploading it to Dropbox or whevs. Despite managing to run this here blog, my grasp on technology is actually pretty lacking and the whole app is super easy to use even for IMBECILES LIKE ME.  This just quietly and quickly sends the audition to the casting director. MAGIC. Oh sorry about me, brb while I just go and whack out an audition in the comfort of my living room.


It’s pretty sweet technology tbh and anything that makes my life less stressful as an actor I will leap on quickly. So YEEHA. Have a butchers over at the website here and have a gander at this here video:

If you’re a fellow performingy type holla at me and let me know what you think. Also if there’s any other performing blogger types out there with other secret things that will make our often turbulent lives easier, hit me up with them. Hit me up real nice.

LOVE YOU ALL ACTORS AND ALSO EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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