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April 2014

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Top Five Lady Inventions

It’s wicked being a woman. Honestly, it’s swell. We have tits, can talk about our feelings and shit without cringing and we are born with inherent knowledge of how to do the Macarena and Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’. However, there’s always ways to make the world easier, so here’s my list of TOP FIVE lady type things I wish would HURRY UP and be invented: • Tights that do not ladder. Allow this flimsy leg gossamer, I need a pair of opaques that can  ...

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The Day I OD’d on Salted Caramel- The Chocolate Festival 2014

Last weekend, thousands of intrepid, trembling Londoners gaggled together, ready to embark on a life-changing physical challenge. One that would prove epic, gruelling yet rewarding beyond the boundaries of understanding. It would take willpower, strength and self-control. THE CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL 2014 You know, that’s just the way life is. Some people are the kind of people who can run 26 miles, pounding the concrete in blazing sunshine, and some of us can eat salted caramel like  ...

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Keep fanning it folks xxxx

You know what? Sometime life in your twenties is crap. It lulls you into a false sense of security. Everything seems great, you’re saying yes to stuff, things seem to finally be on the right path, things are falling into your lap and you think ‘YES! All this time I’ve spent doubting myself and my life is worth it because finally things seems steadier and happier!’ And then just as quickly you find yourself lost, still single,homeless, poorer than ever (even though  ...

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Keeping it INNOCENT on a Drizzle-Filled Day

This pesky British weather. I feel like it keeps luring me into a false sense of sun with every ray of sun that bounces off the pavement. I’d cracked out last years dusty gladiators, inwardly flinched at the inherent corned-beefness of my Celtic thighs and optimistically stocked the fridge with frosty coronas, ready to have limes hastily shoved in with all the speed and grace of a Year Ten lad with a hand up a skirt in the corner of the local nightclubs Under-18 night. And then once  ...

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