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Restaurant Reckoning: MeatMarket, Covent Garden

Here’s a cheeky little post for a cheeky little dinner.

Despite my intents and ambitions of making my career all about the creative aspects of life, I do feel that it is essential to work in a 9-5 city office job for at least a while, for only then shall you know the sheer crackle of hopeful electricity that runs through an office past 3.30pm on a Friday. The collars are unbuttoned, the typing speed slows to about 10 wpm, and the photocopier wheezes as the last timesheet is squeezed out. ITS FRIDAY! The delicious taste of the weekend is upon you. Three whole nights and two whole days that belong to you alone. How will you spend and fritter away this valuable currency of time?



This Friday we chose to kick the weekend off with a trip for some stellar dude food. If you haven’t noticed the London foodie trend for pimped up hot dogs, blingy burgers and fries that own more accessories than Donatella Versace, you must be living under a rock. You cannot move these days in Central London for a Patty and Bun, a Bubbledog, a Burger and Lobster- you get my drift. Whilst I truly abhor the current ‘No Reservations’ rule that seems to be the flavour of the day with these joints (I LIKE A PLAN) you can’t deny that they’re all excellent at serving up the goods.

We chose MEATmarket in Covent Garden to satisfy our burger cravings. The little sister of MEATliquor, MEATmarket serves much of the same fodder. Tucked away up a flight of stairs above the market, it’s all big red neon signs, long tables with high stools, crayola coloured fridge magnets organise to spell rude words and chequered US diner floors.

Meatmarket, covent garden Meatmarket covent garden

The list of burgers is drool-making. I felt my mouth water and my arteries shiver and prepare for a battle as we placed our orders for bacon cheeseburgers and buds at the counter. This is absolutely a no frills Saved-by-the-Bell Cafeteria dining experience. Swigging Budweiser from tins we chowed down from our trays, unwrapping glistening burgers from their paper shells. And by BUGGERING BURGERING NORA what a beauty. Two prime beef patties, perfect pink in the middle topped by canary yellow melted cheese and crispy salty bacon, topped with a soft, slightly sweet bun, the lid slightly teetering atop this pile of dirty goodness. In hindsight, the cheese topped fries that accompanied this beast were totally unnecessary, but a welcome indulgence. At £8 a burger it’s not the cheapest fast food place, but it might well just be one of the best.



Meatmarket COvent garden

The Deck,
Jubilee Market,
Tavistock Street,
Covent Garden,

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