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Blogosphere Magazine…and something exciting

As much as we live in a tech savvy world of screens, codes and clicking sometimes you can’t beat holding pages in your hand. I’m in a deep and meaningful relationship with my Kindle Fire, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I want to hold the weight of words in my hand and smell the pagey smell with each paragraph.

I’m a bit of a magazine nerd, so imagine how CHUFFED I was to hear a couple of months ago that a new magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers was being launched and it was available both in digital and hard copy format. I WAS BUZZING OFF MY TITS ABOUT THAT. Blogosphere Magazine landed with a satisfying thud on my doormat hot off the press.


Blogosphere Magazine

Each issue is broken down into sections, lifestyle, food, travel etc and each one is overseen by a clever editor, who pulls together five of their favourite blogs to run a spotlight on, with each blogger then providing a piece which highlights and gives a flavour of their site. IT’S BRILL because automatically there’s a whole host of new blogs to dive in and explore. You don’t even have to dick about on the web trying to find them! THEY ARE RIGHT THERE, ALL COLLATED IN ONE HANDY PLACE!

Now I don’t want to bang on about the feel of paper anymore than I already have done because I am a bit worried you will think I have a weird sex fetish about it, but the look and feel of this magnificent matte mag is just gorgeous. Beautifully illustrated and lovingly put together, it’s just a big old treat for the eyes and full of lovely, interesting content written by lovely, interesting people.


blogosphere magazine

I FULLY recommend this badboy for any fellow bloggers out there, and even more EXCITINGLY…Imma be featured in the next issue! Bloody Hell Brennan in print baby! I’M GONNA BE ON PAPER!! (I promise I don’t find paper arousing. I SWEAR.) So keep your eyes peeled, go see what all the fuss is about at http://www.blogospheremagazine.com/ and watch this space!

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  1. India Alexandra

    January 20, 2014 at 11:54 am

    I was just about to buy the e-book (would be my first e-book ) but you reckon the paper version is better?

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