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November 2013

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Top Five: Social Media Heartstoppers

Now we all know that social media has changed our lives. I’m grateful for it. It means I get to see my cousin’s baby (what does that make him? My second cousin? My cousin once removed? My cousin SQUARED?) on the other side of the world in Oz everyday. It means I get to see how all my beloved friends from all nooks and crannies of my life are succeeding and fanning the shit out of their lives. However. Social media can oft be a cruel mistress should you mistreat it. If you  ...

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Scone With the Wind at Brixton Village

Brixton on a sunny Saturday morning is something that can’t really be described. It has to be seen, smelt, tasted and heard to really understand it. As you step off the tube and wander towards Brixton Village you’re confronted by TFL workers embracing and laughing as they take over from each other on shifts, 90s R’n’B ┬áblaring out of an enormous butchers where queues of people are lining up for chops, gospel music and shouting as preachers attempt to inspire those  ...

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