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Cheese and Wine Party or DAIRY AND PLONK NIGHT

We’re settling into the wonderfully glitter and innuendo filled world of panto beautifully. Costumes are being fitted, cows are being milked, giants are being thwarted (SORRY SPOILER ALERT) and most importantly the cast are bonding. We decided the only fitting way to celebrate the start of the festive season was to throw a cheese and wine party at our digs. STILTON and BAKED CAMEMBERT and PROSECCO and MERLOT OH MY. Stellar way to kick off rehearsals.

I’d love to properly blog about it, discuss party planning, recipes and cocktails, but really the premise was more ‘string up some cheap poundland fairy lights, bring a bottle and a hunk of cheese and get stuck in.’

If you are near London can you give it a kiss for me? Loughborough is lovely but my heart does pang a bit for my beloved big smoke. AND ALL OF YOU OF COURSE.

Here’s some snaps from our dairy and plonk filled night. Try not to drool too much over your screen, you’ll break it- there’s a lot of delicious looking cheese and men in this post DO NOT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU.


Cheese IMG_1153

Our very pretty princess

Our very pretty princess


Some of our lovely creatives

Some of our lovely creatives



Aren't they handsome?! OH YES THEY ARE

Aren’t they handsome?! OH YES THEY ARE

Ben Yates IMG_1119 IMG_1113 IMG_1111 Bread Ben Yates and James Lacey James Nelson

Musical Star Ben Yates

Musical Star Ben Yates

Cheese party

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  1. kensingtonavni

    December 23, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Great pictures sharing & celebrating best get together time with friends. Great experience celebrate tea, wine and more in london.

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