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November 23, 2013


Lovely Little Language Scraps of Late

So it’s official. The OED word of the year is ‘selfie’. Regardless of what you may think of the burgeoning trend for smartphone self-snapping, I do think it is a wonderfully current and topical choice, encompassing our reliance on social media and disposable imagery. Personally I’m quite partial to a cheeky selfie every now and then, mainly because it enables me to play daily editions of ‘The Ugly Face Game’ with my pals over whatsapp and snapchat, where  ...

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Cheese and Wine Party or DAIRY AND PLONK NIGHT

We’re settling into the wonderfully glitter and innuendo filled world of panto beautifully. Costumes are being fitted, cows are being milked, giants are being thwarted (SORRY SPOILER ALERT) and most importantly the cast are bonding. We decided the only fitting way to celebrate the start of the festive season was to throw a cheese and wine party at our digs. STILTON and BAKED CAMEMBERT and PROSECCO and MERLOT OH MY. Stellar way to kick off rehearsals. I’d love to properly blog  ...

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